7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 09/03/2018

Thanks to Katrina Godfrey for this cracking piccy. The weather might be a bit up and down, but that usually means plenty of action on the water.


The rain is now expected to arrive much earlier than I previously forecast, so we can expect a thoroughly wet morning and afternoon (possibly foggy), followed by a mostly dry evening and night.

Obviously not a great day for outdoor activity, except perhaps for surfing. If you like your waves small and perfectly formed; perhaps you’re a beginner or a longboarder? Then the west coast should be blessed with a super-clean 2-foot swell throughout the morning.

Winds: Force 3-4 SSE’ly through the morning, increasing to force 5-6 S’ly towards late afternoon and evening.

Temperatures: 7-8C at first, increasing to 10-11C by night time.

Tides: High 7.3m at 11am. Low 3.7m at 5:20pm.


A morning of patchy rain and possibly hill-fog, clearing by lunchtime and followed by a mostly sunny afternoon. The most noticeable thing will be the mild air, which is going to feel really really pleasant compared to some recent times.

Don’t fret if you missed Friday mornings beginner-friendly surf, because Saturday morning should hopefully be just the same.

Winds: Force 5 S’ly at first, easing to force 2-3 SSW’ly towards the second half of the day.

Temperatures: 10-11C at first, increasing to 12-13C in the afternoon.

Tides: A really tiny tidal range, which is fantastic for west-coast surfing. High of 6.6m at 1:10pm. Lows of 3.8m at 7:10 and 4.2m 7:40pm.


Occasional showers during the second half of the day, possibly even with a rumble of thunder. Apart from that, cloud will come and go with spells of hazy sunshine in between. Certainly the morning should be pretty nice on the land. However, it’s on the water where it’s going to be really special. The west coast surf won’t be quite as beginner friendly as the previous days, but it should be classic for intermediates and experts. The wind will be perfectly offshore and the strong 3-5 foot swell will be on tap throughout the day.

Winds: Force 5 SE’ly, falling briefly light and variable in the night and then force 5-6 WNW’ly towards dawn.

Temperatures: 7-8C at first, increasing to 11C in the afternoon.

Tides: An even smaller tidal range, so fantastic again for west-coast surfing. High of 6.5m at midday. Lows of 4.2m at 5:50 and 4.4m 6:20pm.


The Atlantic depression responsible for all that great surf, will pass over us on Monday morning, with blustery showers a-plenty, but the winds should ease and the skies brighten towards the end of the day.

Tuesday should then be sunny and dry (at least until the evening), thanks to a ridge of high pressure, and the afternoon should see the return of good surf at all the favourite west-coast breaks.


A further abundance of great surf, but unfortunately, for those on land, its all looking rather unsettled, with very strong S’ly winds and some really heavy downpours.

The next forecast update will be on Sunday.