7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 11/04/2018

Thanks to Nicola Stevens for this great shot, showing some of the power of this Tuesday’s swell.


A dry and mostly sunny day, meaning that it will feel a bit warmer than the previous days, especially on the south and west coasts, which will be most sheltered from the breeze. Through the day, the pick of the beaches for both walkers and surfers, will probably be Petit Port. However, the west coast should hopefully be good at dawn, before the cross-shore breeze really kicks in.

Winds: NE’ly force 3-5, easing to force 2-3 ENE’ly overnight.

Temperatures: Max 13-14C, min 8C.

Tides: Low of 3.7m at 10:10am. High of 7.1m at 4:30pm.


Cloudier than on Wednesday and This could be low enough to make it foggy at times (mainly the morning). However, it should stay dry throughout. Furthermore, it might actually feel just as comfortable, because the wind will be a bit gentler.

Winds: NE’ly force 3-4, falling light and variable overnight.

Temperatures: Max 12C, min 8C.

Tides: Low of 3m at 11:10am. High of 7.6m at 5:20pm.


Probably brighter than on Thursday, as the low cloud should clear up a bit quicker, leaving only high cloud through the majority of the day. This should allow plenty of hazy sunshine to filter through. All being well, this should feel like a really lovely spring day.

Surfers; after a rather quiet day on Thursday, the excellent waves should be back, in the form of glassy four-footers. Mid-afternoon should offer the best session along the west coast.

Winds: Light and variable, mainly force 2 SSW’ly.

Temperatures: Max 14C, min 8C.

Tides: Low of 2.4m at midday. High of 8.2m at 6pm.


Two very similar days to Friday, but with the addition of moderate SSE’ly breezes and probably some showers at times on Sunday.

The max temperatures should be in the mid teen and the west-coast will be the best place to enjoy them.

Both days should have good quality surf, in the 2-4 foot range. However, as opposed to recent days, spring tides will greatly restrict the options. The best sessions should generally be in the mid-afternoons.


Staying warm and spring-like, with gentle or moderate SSE’ly winds and quite possibly with wall-to-wall sunshine.

Surfers; the dream scenario is set to continue, with yet more clean and powerful waves on tap. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the peak of this spring-tide cycle, with highs of about 9.5m in the mornings and evenings.

The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.