6-day Forecast. Starting Tuesday 04/12/2018

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And of course thank you to Simona Casella for this amazing Vazon photo.


After lots of windy and murky days, this one will be much fresher, calmer and sunnier. Skies will only start to cloud up though the afternoon, ahead of a return to rain overnight.

A real standout day, with powerful, super-clean 6-footers on tap through most of the day, especially the afternoon. Low water will be 3.2m at 8:50am, high water will be 7.6m at 3pm.


Oh dear, it couldn’t last long I’m afraid. Heavy rain in the morning, breaking up into sunshine and showers through the afternoon. Force 5 SSW’ly winds will bring increasingly mild air through the day, with temperatures at least a degree up on Monday (peaking at 13C in most places but 14C in Town. Then, through the evening, winds will veer WSW’ly, bringing increasingly murky air overnight.

Another great day of clean west-coast surf. Quite a lot smaller than on Tuesday though, with waves only about 2-4 feet. Best for shortboarders at dawn, then best for longboarders in the mid afternoon.
Low water will be 2m at 11:20am. High water will be 8.7m at 5:10pm.


Staying very mild, as we lock into a strong WSW’ly wind. The difference between the days is as follows; Thursday – cloudy and rather murky / drizzly, with a steady force 5-6 wind. Friday – sunshine and occasional heavy showers, with a mean wind of force 7 (increasing gale 8 overnight) and frequent stronger gusts.


Getting cooler, but not in nice settled high-pressure kind of a way. Rather the low pressure which was in charge of the previous days, will just roll eastwards, such that we catch the NW’ly blast on its western flank.
Showers will only be brief and isolated, but they could still be rather heavy. The wind will be the most uncomfortable feature, gradually easing from gale force 8 (Saturday morning) to fresh force 5 (Sunday evening). Shelter-seekers will find that Town, Fermain, Moulin Huet, Saints Bay and Petit Bot, are the best places to go and enjoy the sunny intervals and perhaps a few pretty rainbows.

The next forecast update will be on Wednesday evening.