7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 05/10/2018

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The warmest day of the weak, peaking at 19-20C. Sunny all day, with gentle SSE’ly breezes again.

Surf perhaps a tad bigger than the previous day, maybe 2 feet and clean throughout the afternoon and evening. Tides still rather small, with the low at 10:20am and the high at 4:20pm.


Even at this late stage, the precise timing of Saturdays filthy weather is uncertain. Margins of error, might mean that it spoils a bit more of the day than would be ideal, or alternatively it might just whistle and patter all through the night time.
Here’s my current best estimate, based on the most trusted computer models; a dry but increasingly cloudy morning, with a mild SSW’ly breeze (potentially quite pleasant), leading into a showery lunchtime, followed by a spell of proper heavy rain in the late afternoon and evening, along with a rather sudden switch to near-gale force NNE’ly winds.

The morning might offer us a clean 1-2 foot wave, but the tide won’t be in our favour, with a medium sized low in the late morning, and the afternoon push not coming until after the wind has switched. Windsurfers might be enjoying the high around dinner time though (if the rain doesn’t bother them too much).


A strong and chilly NNE’ly wind will accompany cloud through the morning, but maybe some sunshine in the afternoon. Head to the south coast to feel slightly warmer.

Surf-wise, an onshore session at Pembroke could be a bit of fun. Tides will be getting fairly large now, with a 1.8m low at lunchtime and a 9.2m high at dinner time.


Holy moly! Surf heaven! Winds will be gentle and SE’ly and we should finally see some powerful medium sized swell coming through from Hurricane Lesley. Potentially this could be treating us to quality conditions every day next week. Tides will be almost 10m on the highs through Tuesday and Wednesday though, so timing will be critical to nail the perfect sessions.
Weather-wise, that’s looking equally brilliant, as we move from a Monday that will be slightly warmer than Sunday, to a Tuesday that should be back up to 19 or 20C. Sunshine on both days, but most prolific on Tuesday.


Just like the previous couple of days; dry and dreamy, especially for surfers and beach-goers. Milk it people! Soon it will be winter. And even sooner than that, we currently look set for another wet and windy weekend.

My next forecast update will be on Sunday.