7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 06/04/2018

Here’s a handful of great spring images. Thanks to Katrina Godfrey for the top-left and thanks to Tessa Le Gallez for the other four.


Our warmest day for a long long time, with hazy sunshine and a decreasing SE’ly wind. The west coast is probably going to be the best place to enjoy it, where sea-walls will shelter you and really make you feel comfortable.

Surfers; the super-clean 5-foot waves will be best through the first half of the morning. After that they might reduce to about 4-feet, but they’re still going to be fantastic, so enjoy!

Winds: Force 5-6 SE’ly at first, gradually falling to force 3 by the end of the day, then light and variable  overnight.

Temperatures: Daytime max 15C. Overnight min 8C.

Tides: High of 7.8m at 10:50am. Low of 2.9m at 5pm


The surf should be just as great as on Friday, perhaps. However, the sky will be much more cloudy so it will not get quite so warm.

The winds will be very light so the air will feel comfortable in nearly all parts of the island. If anywhere will feel less pleasant then it might be the higher parishes during the second half of the day, because the cloud might be low enough to give some light rain and perhaps a little mist.

Winds: Force 2-3 SW’ly by morning, light and variable in the afternoon and overnight.

Temperatures: Daytime max 11-12C, overnight min 9

Tides: High of 7.3m at 11:20am. Low of 3.5m at 5:30pm.


Cloudy with spots of light rain through the morning, perhaps with a little drizzly mist in the higher parishes. Things should improve slightly through the afternoon, but sunshine might still be too much to hope for.

Surfers; 2-3-feet and reasonably clean all day, making it a relatively good one for kids and learners (but don’t forget the water is only about 8C at the moment).

Winds: Force 1-3 N’ly gradually veering NE’ly.

Temperatures: Daytime max 11-12C, overnight min 9C.

Tides: A tiny tidal range, with lows at around dawn and dusk and a small high at lunchtime.


As a gentle or moderate ENE’ly airflow becomes well established, our temperatures will hold at a rather average 11C by day and 9C by night, under mostly cloudy skies. Once or twice, there could be enough of a break for a little brightness to peep through. Equally there could be the odd light shower. My current expectation is that Monday will be more prone to the bright spells and Tuesday more to the shower

Surfers; Tuesday is looking pretty good at the moment (about 4-feet and fairly clea


Virtually no change in wind, temperature or surf. However, the chance of bright spells looks likely to increase and the chance of showers to decrease.

The next forecast update will be on Sunday evening.