7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 12/01/2017

Here’s another piccy for the surfers. Read on for further delights…


A dry day with more cloud than the previous couple. However, there should be a little sneaky sunshine at first.

The morning will probably be the prime time for outdoor activity, because the wind will be lightest then and the sunshine most likely.

The final hours of the day will feel cooler because the wind will be fresher and tye cloud might be too thick to let any proper brightness through.

A bit of grey sky won’t be a problem for surfers though. This will be the forth day on the trot of beautifully clean west-coast waves, but this time the swell will be a slightly more inclusive 3-5 feet.

Winds: ESE’ly force 2-3 through the morning, veering SSE’ly force 4-5 through the afternoon, then increasing to force 6 overnight.

Temperatures: Daytime max 8-9C, Overnight min 5-6C.

Tides: Low at 9:10am, high at 3:20pm (small tides).


A big old weather-front is pushing in from the west, but it’s making very slow progress. This means that we can be sure of a very cloudy and rather chilly Saturday, but we can’t be sure about if and when it will start to rain. My advice, if you want dry outdoor activity, is to get out there sooner rather than later. This is because, if it becomes wet, it will probably stay wet until sometime after dark.

Once again the surf will be brilliant during the afternoon, but this time the windsurfers and kite-surfers can join in the party too. Enjoy!

Winds: Force 6 SSE’ly through the day, easing to force 3-4 ESE’ly overnight.

Temperatures: 7-8C through most of the period, falling to 5-6C late in the night.

Tides: Low at 10:20am, high at 4:20pm (small-medium sized tides).


Another great day in the water. However, most importantly, it will be a much improved day on the land. The chance of a shower will be virtually nil and sunshine should gradually gain dominance over the cloud as the day progresses.

Furthermore, it’s going to feel much milder than Saturday, because the wind will be significantly lighter during daylight hours.
Don’t get too used to it though, because some proper foul weather will arrive overnight, ready to ruin your commute on Monday morning.

Winds: E’ly force 2-3 at dawn, gradually veering S’ly by sunset, then increasing to 6-8 SW’ly after midnight.

Temperatures: Picking up to 8-9C by late morning and then remaining so all day and all night.

Tides: Low at 11:10am, high at 5pm (medium sized tides).


Monday morning will be very wet, but the afternoon should become dry and reasonably bright. Windsurfers and kite-surfers will enjoy some very strong W’ly winds on the north and west coasts. Back on land, Town will be the warmest and most sheltered area, scooping a top temp of about 11C.

Going through Tuesday, the wind will veer to a WNW’ly and stay just as strong or perhaps become stronger. Weather-wise, we are looking at brief heavy showers, punctuated by longer sunny spells and probably a few pretty rainbows.


Two more days of strong (possibly gale-force) WNW’ly winds, sunshine, shower and rainbows.

The next forecast update will be on Sunday.