7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 12/10/2018

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And also a very big thank you to Dana Ujhazyova for this stunning snap from Thursday morning.


Force 7 S’ly winds and rather cloudy skies, will counterbalance the warm airflow, meaning that temperatures only peak at 18-19C. There is a slim chance of some spits of light rain in the morning, but never enough to make the ground wet, with that wind drying it out in an instant.
The afternoon has the greatest potential for some sunny intervals, but it will be very difficult to find anywhere sheltered enough to bask in it.
One other thing to be aware of; the coast roads (both east and west) will be even more splashy around high tide than over the last few days. Bulwar Avenue will suffer worst from the wind and spray, whilst L’Eree, Vazon and Cobo will feel the effects of the massive Atlantic swell.
Best to avoid these areas for about 90mins either side of the tidal highs.

The tides will start with a 9.5m high at 9:20am, followed by a 1.2m low at 3:40pm, and then a 9.3m high at 9:30pm. Surf-wise, it’s going to get real BIG, picking up to 10+ feet for the evening session at Vazon. Smaller, cleaner (more beginner friendly) waves will also be on offer at L’Ancresse throughout the afternoon.


With the morning’s winds as strong as Friday’s, and the afternoon’s winds only marginally less, this is going to be the most unsettled day of the weekend. There might also be some heavy showers to punctuate the brighter spells and to counterbalance the surprising warmth in the wind.
Going into the evening and night, rain will become persistent and rather heavy for a time, but this will clear through by dawn on Sunday, leaving us with a moderate NW’ly wind and a much cooler, cleaner airmass.

Just like Friday, the surf will be huge and clean again, with plenty of options on the west and north coasts. Tidal highs of 9.1m and 8.8m at 9:50am and 10:10pm, low of 1.9m at 4:10pm (Still fairly messy along the coast roads, even though the tides are getting smaller).


The most settled day by a long shot, with the rain safely cleared to the east before dawn. Mostly sunny skies, with just a few cloudier spells and a moderate occasionally fresh NW’ly breeze. Temperatures only hitting a 15C max though.

Surf-wise, maybe this is a day to go looking around the south coast. Tides will be 8.4m high at 10:20am, 2.4m low at 4:40pm.


Monday will bring rather cool sunshine, just like on Sunday afternoon, but we will return to stronger S’lly winds on Tuesday morning, which will bring milder air again. That said, don’t expect too much heat, because cloud will get thicker and lower as winds veer to the SW in the afternoon, meaning that we could be in for some drizzle and possibly some hill fog.


Possibly still a bit murky on Wednesday morning, but becoming cleaner, fresher and perhaps brighter in the afternoon, as winds veer to the NW. Thursday should then return to a mild S’ly airflow, but we should stay dry and sunny (meaning temperatures might climb quite high), because the next bout of foul weather probably won’t arrive until the night time.
That said, these are days 6 and 7 of the forecast period, so my confidence in these statements is naturally quite low.

My next forecast update will be on Sunday.