7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 13/04/2018

Thanks to Paul Mariess for this cracking sunset piccy from Wednesday this week.


Once again, there will be a lot of fog around the English Channel, as relatively warm and humid air sits over the cold sea. However, this should mainly be a problem for areas further north than us. However, it is an uncertain situation, so be prepared to possibly wake up to another murky vista. If this is the case then the relative stillness of the air will mean that it has to burn off rather than blow away. Therefore, central parts would be expected to see the first clearance (towards late morning). Coastal areas would probably be a bit later, and some unfortunate beaches might even stay misty all day.

In general, once clearance has arrived, then the hazy sunshine should feel really pleasant and spring-like.

Surfers; it’s going to be another great day, with glassy four footers before breakfast and then again during mid-afternoon and at towards sunset.

Winds: Force 2 W’ly or variable.

Temperatures: Daytime max 11-13C, depending how lucky we get with the sunshine. Overnight min 7C.

Tides: Low of 2.4m at midday. High of 8.2m at 6pm.


Once again, we shall be walking a fine line between pesky sea-fog and lovely spring sunshine.

Aside from this, the only risk of showers appears to be a very small one late in the night.

Surfers; excellent conditions once again, more or less the same as on Friday.

Winds: Force 2-3 ESE’ly

Temperatures: Daytime max 12-14C, depending how lucky we get with the sunshine. Overnight min 8C.

Tides: Low of 1.7m at 12:40pm. High of 8.4m at 6:20pm and 8.6m at 6:50pm.


The risk of fog will probably be replaced by rain showers. However, these do tend to be more short-lived than fog, so this could turn out to be a favourable trade-off.

If it’s sunshine you’re after then I’m not sure your going to see a lot of that, but if you do then it will most probably be towards late afternoon and evening.

On the water, excellent-quality surf should just keep pumping through, although most of it will be a bit smaller and more beginner-friendly on this day. Mid-morning and late afternoon, should offer the best all-round sessions down at Vazon. Sunset might get big again, so look out for some more expert action down at Richmond.

Winds: Force 4-5 SE’ly gradually veering SW’ly.

Temperatures: Daytime max 13-14C. Overnight min 8C.

Tides: Low of 1.4m at 1:30pm. High of 9m at 7:10pm and 9.1m at 7:30pm.


Probably dry and sunny throughout. Certainly feeling really pleasant and inspiring, as temperatures approach the mid-high teens.

Don’t forget to look after your skin though. The UV index will be about 5-6, which is the same as in late August / early September. However, at that time of year we tend to be well acclimatised, but right now the majority of us are much more tender in our winter-skins.

On the water, the quality of the surf is really set to go through the roof, as breezes remain SE’ly and the wave-heights will be consistently over 6 feet. The spring tides will be peaking at about 9.5m though, so options will be rather limited and of course there will be some very big splashes along the west-coast road.


Yet more toasty weather and superb surf. Enjoy!

The next forecast update will be on Sunday.