7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 01/10/2018

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Cloudy at times, but not so much as on Sunday. Definitely sunny for the majority of the day, but with a cool airmass over the region, it’s not going to take temperatures any higher than 15C.
The N’ly breeze will make it feel cooler too, but the easy way to escape that is to get down to the south coast cliff paths. A walk from Le Gouffre to Icart Point might even tempt you to take your jumper off.

Not a day for surfing I’m afraid, maybe a pretty good morning / early afternoon for windsurfing and kitesurfing though. Tides will be medium in size, with a high at 11am and a low at 5:20pm


On this day, a warmer airmass will come to the islands, but don’t get too excited now, because it will bring quite a lot of low cloud with it, and perhaps some light rain or drizzle too. If we do get to see some sunshine then it will probably be towards the late afternoon and evening, meaning that the 16-17C max might feel fairly warm and pleasant in Town, due to the shelter from the WNW’ly wind.

Tides will be fairly small on this day, with a high at 11:50am and a low at 6:20pm. Surf still rather poor I’m afraid, but the windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions should offer some redemption.


Still cloudy at times, but it should be dry throughout and the sunny intervals will certainly be more plentiful. Furthermore, with the NW’ly wind dropping off to a lovely light force 2-3, it should feel much improved on Tuesday.

Surf still pretty tiny, but it will be fairly clean if it is at all rideable. Tides pretty small, with a low at 6:50am and a high at 1:10pm.


Two dry, mild and pleasantly settled days. Thursday might take a while to lose the cloud but it should come good for a good chunk of the afternoon at least. Friday will then be sunny all day, which should left temperatures to a pretty toasty 19C.
Winds will be very light and from a S’ly direction, so if we get any surf it will be lovely and clean. Currently, it looks as though we might be treated to a tasty 2-3 foot swell on Friday.


I’m afraid it’s looking wet and windy on one or both days. Perhaps the most up beat thing I can say about it is that it’s all a bit uncertain, and we might just catch the edge of the weather system rather than the worst of it.

My next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.