7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 08/10/2018

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And also a very big thank you to Katrina Godfrey for this low spring tide piccy. Who can tell where it is though?


Definitely the coldest day of the week, but all that really tells us is that it’s going to be a pretty nice week. There will barely be a breath of wind on Monday and the top temps will be about 16-17C under skies that are a mixed bag of cloud and sunshine. Totally dry and with excellent visibility.
Overnight, the minimum temperature will be about 9C soon after midnight, but by dawn a SE’ly airflow will have started to bring in slightly milder air.

Surf-wise, we are looking at a classic day, with building swell and a glassy finish. Through the morning ebb, waves will be about 2 feet, perhaps with the odd 3 foot set. Then from mid afternoon until sunset, we are looking at 3-4 foot waves, with the odd set in the range of 5+ feet (especially on the reefs). Low water; 1.2m at 1:10pm. Highs of 9.4m at 6:40am and 9.7m at 7pm.


Sunny all day, with a consistent force 3 SE’ly breeze and a max temp of 17-18C. A great day on the west and north coasts particularly, and tides will be ideal for some lunchtime exploration of Lihou Island.

Super-clean 4-6 foot surf, working around the very large tidal range. Kicking off with a 9.7m high at 7:30am, followed by a 0.8m low at 1:50pm, and then a 9.9m high at 7:40pm.


Just like Tuesday in every fantastic way but even warmer, with a top temp of 20C.

Surf-wise, a super-clean 4-6 feet again. Tides starting with a 9.9m high at 8:20am, followed by a 0.7m low at 2:30pm, and then a 9.9m high at 7:40pm.


S’ly winds will maintain the flow of warm air. However, with a fairly thick covering of medium to high cloud throughout, along with a strengthening wind, it’s not going to feel nearly as special as Tuesday and Wednesday did. Temps will probably peak at 19C on Thursday, only drop to about 14-15C overnight, then peak at 18C on Friday.
Exciting things to look out for; firstly, perhaps some thunderstorm on Thursday, or at least some really funky clouds and an awesome sunset; secondly, some pretty amazing windsurf, kitesurf and surf conditions on Friday, as winds increase to a steady force 6 and wave heights increase to about 8 feet.
Not quite so exciting (for most people); a significant chance of persistent rain arriving by the second half of Friday.


Saturday will be just like Friday, in terms of the strong S’ly wind, cloudy skies, fantastic BIG surf and a significant chance of persistent rain.
However, Sunday currently looks dry sunny and settled.
So in the end, it looks like there should be something to please everyone, at one time or another.

My next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.