7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 09/04/2018

Thanks to Nicola Stevens for another lovely photo.


Sunday’s murkiness will hang around for another day. The rain might be a bit more drizzly though and the risk of fog is a lot higher.

It will be comfortably mild though and the surf will get good again through the afternoon (2-3 feet and clean).

Winds: Force 3 NE’ly at first, gradually becoming light and variable.

Temperatures: Daytime max 11C. Overnight min 8-9C.

Tides: A tiny tidal range… High of 6.4m at 1.30pm. Lows of over 4m at 7:20am and 8pm.


Staying cloudy through the morning, but not so foggy this time.  However, on the downside, the bright afternoon that had been expected looks like it will be peppered with some heavy (possibly thundery) showers.

Surfers; potentially a day of days! The waves will be pristine and picking up to the 8 foot range, with small tides making them rideable all day long!

Winds: Force 2-3 and variable

Temperatures: Daytime max 11C, overnight min 8C.

Tides: A tiny tidal range… High of 6.6m at 3:20pm. Lows of over 4m at 8:50am and 9:30pm.


All being well, the weather on this day will be 100% dry and bright. The wind will be a be a bit brisker though, so it won’t feel particularly toasty. The best place to feel warm will be in the shelter of he sea-walls along the west coast.

The surf will have reduced in size somewhat, but it will still be excellent, giving us clean 3-5 foot waves throughout the day.

Winds: Force 3-5 ENE’ly.

Temperatures: Daytime max 14C, overnight min 9C.

Tides: Low of 3.7m at 10:10am. High of 7.1m at 4:30pm.


The wind and surf won’t change much as we go into Thursday, but I’m afraid the weather is likely to turn cloudy and occasionally showery again.

Friday likewise, but these showers will be rather few and far between, so these should still be pretty good for outdoor activities. Max temps will probably be 11-12C on Thursday and 13C on Friday.


A nearby Atlantic low pressure system should introduce a moderate SSE’ly airflow. This will have the potential to lift the temperature into the mid-teens all being well.

It’s a bit distant to go into the details, but it seems there is a good chance that Saturday will be dry and sunny. Sunday however, currently looks cloudier with occasional showers.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.