7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 12/02/2018

Here’s another great pic from Nicola Stevens, this time of Havelet.


The sky will be a mix of cloud and sunshine. Showers will be very isolated, so there is even a chance that they will pass by without any impact. Light winds will make the morning feel fairly comfortable, so long as you wrap up warm, because it will probably be frosty during the morning commute. The wind will get more perky towards evening though, and then the second half of the night will turn very rough indeed.

(Surfers! Check out Portinfer and Vazon from mid to late afternoon, as the 6-foot waves should become increasingly clean.

Winds: Force 3-4 W’ly, slowly backing SW’ly by mid-afternoon, then increasing to force 5-6 S’ly by the evening, then force 7-8 S’ly after midnight.

Temperatures: Gradually increasing from a dawn air-temp of about 2C (with ground-frost), to a daytime max of about 7C.

Tides: Low of 3.1m at 10:40am, high of 7.3m at 4:40pm.


A period of persistent heavy rain is due between the small hours and the morning rush-hour. Further showers are likely through the second half of the afternoon. The rest of the time should be dry and sunny/clear. Those finer moments are going to feel rather cold in the strong wind though.

Speaking of wind, there will be gales with the foul weather (early in the morning) and perhaps again towards the end of the night, so watch out for branches etc on the roads.

Winds: Gale-force 8 S’ly at dawn, with possible gusts of 50-55mph. Easing slightly to force 6 W’ly through the morning, then force 5 NW’ly through the afternoon and evening, then force 4 SW’ly after midnight. Finally, increasing to force 7 SSE’ly towards dawn.

Temperatures: Very little variation between night and day. Min 5-6C, max 7-8C.

Tides: Low of 2.8m at 11.20am, high of 7.9m at 5:30pm.


Mild air will blast in from the south. The surf will be super-clean, and the windsurfing and kitesurfing should be great too.

Weather-wise, it should be fairly bright at first, but cloud will thicken and lower through the morning, meaning that rain will have arrived by lunchtime. This will persist and intensify through the afternoon and evening, possibly putting the airport in fog for their final hours of business.

Winds: Force 7 SSE’ly at first, gradually veering to force 6 SSW’ly through the day, then force 5 WSW’ly overnight.

Temperatures: Starting off at 5-6C, gradually increasing to a max of 11C by late evening.

Tides: Low of 2.3m at 12:10pm, high of 8.3m at 6pm.


Starting around dawn on both days, the waves and tides should all be great for surf sessions at the Richmond end of Vazon. As the tide drops out, the main beach will be briefly good, but not so clean. Winds are due to be about force 5-6 W’ly or SW’ly. These winds often bring a risk of hill-fog, however, most models are suggesting a slightly drier and cooler airmass than on Wednesday, so my expectation is that air-traffic will be unhindered.

Skies will be a mostly cloudy on both days. Sunny moments will probably be rather few and far between, but the same should probably be true for showers.


The weekend will probably see a big reduction in wind and cloud, as the Azores high-pressure zone extends over our region. The media have been getting excited about things like the polar vortex just lately, so you may be aware that a change to a much colder episode is quite likely. If this does turn out to be the case, then it probably won’t start until we are at least half way through the half-term holiday. Even then, if the high pressure zone becomes centred over Scandinavia, then we could end up with a S’ly airflow, which would actually be quite mild.

In the meantime, for this weekend, there is a slim chance of grass-frost during the nights. Whereas, during the daytime, there should be lots of bright sunshine and it should feel particularly pleasant along the south and east coasts. Enjoy!

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.