7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 12/03/2018

Thanks to Paul Mariess for this latest great piccy.


Blustery showers, particularly during the morning and evening. The afternoon should be mostly dry and bright though. However, the wind will feel unpleasant throughout the day, unless of course you’re a wind-surfer or a kitesurfer, in which case it’s going to be classic for you.

Winds: Force 6-7 WNW’ly, with gusts of over 40mph, particularly around showers.

Temperatures: Daytime max, generally 9-10C but perhaps 11C in Town. Overnight min, 6-7C

Tides: An absolutely tiny tidal range, with only 2.6m between high and low. Low will be at 8:50am high at 3:10pm.


A ridge of high pressure will pass over the islands, blessing us with a sunny day and a much gentler breeze than on Monday.

During the afternoon, the breeze will change direction to a S’ly and that’s when it will really feel most pleasant. Furthermore, this will also cause the 3-4 west-coast waves to really tidy themselves up for the surfers.

Winds: Through the day, Force 3-4 NW’ly, gradually backing to a S’ly of similar strength. Then, through the night, this will increase to force 6.

Temperatures: Daytime max, generally 10-11C but perhaps 12C in Town. Overnight min, 6-7C

Tides: Low of 3.5m at 10am. High of 7.2m at 4:10pm, meaning that the best surf conditions will be between lunchtime and sunset.


A very windy day right from the outset. However, this wind will be driving mild French air across the islands. Furthermore, there probably won’t be any rain until the evening, so it shouldn’t feel too unpleasant actually.

On the water, this is obviously going to be another classic day for windsurfers, and there should be some more small-medium sized fun for wave-riders too.

Winds: Force 6-7 SE’ly.

Temperatures: Daytime max 12-13C, overnight min 8C.

Tides: Low of 3m at 11am, high of 7.9m at 5pm, meaning that the best surf conditions will be between mid-afternoon and sunset.


The relatively mild SSE’ly airflow will blow over us for another two days, with Thursday’s winds being slightly less strong than Wednesday’s, and Friday’s gentler still. Therefore, any sunshine that manages to filter through, will feel increasingly pleasant.

The details of rain or showers is uncertain, but it’s not looking quite as wet as it was previously. One band of heavy rain is expected on Thursday, but it will probably all have cleared northeastwards before breakfast-time. As for Friday; no weather-fronts currently in the forecast, but some heavy thundery showers are expected to form immediately upwind of us, over northern France, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we do get a few brief wettings.

One thing that is looking pretty certain, with weather systems holding a pretty prefect position for a few consecutive days, the west-coast surf is looking excellent. Tides will favour the first and last few hours of daylight for the optimum sessions.


In the wake of a possible thundery breakdown of the weather pattern, the weekend forecast is really uncertain territory.

The most likely scenario has to be sunshine and showers, with temperatures probably as you would expect them to be in mid-March, but perhaps slightly cooler.

Looking further ahead, to the second half of March; most models are predicting another cold spell, with high pressure settling over us, to give a dry ENE’ly airflow. However, with the Vernal Equinox (March 20th) marking the point where daylight hours start to exceed darkness hours, and the sun burning down on us from an increased elevation, this weather-pattern is much more likely to translate into beautiful brightness than late-season whiteness.

Keep checking the forecast updates; the next of which will be on Tuesday evening.