7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 16/04/2018

Thanks to Paul Mariess for this latest cracking shot.


The fog and showers of previous days should all be behind us, leaving sunshine to reign supreme until about mid-afternoon. After that, the medium and high level cloud will probably thicken up and turn the sky more overcast. However, it should still feel very comfortable, thanks to the mild S’ly airflow.

In the surf, we are in for another classic day of big clean waves. The west coast will be best through the first half of the morning and then again from mid-afternoon. The north coast might have rideable waves during the middle part of the day but, as usual, they will be much smaller.

Winds: Force 4 SW’ly at dawn, gradually backing SSE’ly through the day.

Temperatures: Daytime max 13-14C in most places but possibly 15C in Town. Min 9C.

Tides: Highs of 9.2m at 7:40am and 9.3m at 8pm. Low of 1m at 2:10pm.


Another fine day on the whole, with sunshine tending to favour the morning over the afternoon, but temperatures still climbing steadily as we progress through the week.

In the surf, the waves will become even bigger than on Monday. Even if you won’t be riding them, then you should still be impressed to see them bashing the west-coast sea-walls during the high spring tides (see time below).

Winds: Force 5 S’ly

Temperatures: Daytime max 14-15C in most places but possibly 16C in Town. Min 10C.

Tides: Highs of 9.4m at 8:20am and at 8:40pm. Low of 0.9m at 2:40pm.


The sunshine will be brighter and more plentiful (UV index of 6, so don’t don’t forget to look after your skin).

This will also be the peak of the week for temperatures.

Furthermore, the surf will be at its biggest and cleanest; and the tides will be at their highest. Please don’t forget to snap me some pictures of all that.

Winds: Force 3-4 SSE’ly gradually backing ESE’ly.

Temperatures: Max 19C, min 10-11C

Tides: Highs of 9.4m at 9am and 9.3m at 9:10pm. Low of 0.9m at 3:20pm.


With very NE’ly light breezes, there is a slim chance of sea fog spoiling our fun. However, the most likely story is one of blazing sunshine. If this is the case, then our thermometers probably wouldn’t climb as high as on Wednesday, but both these days should feel almost as toasty and gorgeous.


The gentle breeze should veer E’ly on Saturday and S’ly on Sunday, giving us a dry and toasty continental airflow. Temperatures should climb to the very high teens again like Thursday and Friday, but probably not quite as high as on Wednesday.

On the water, the surf should still be beautifully clean but just a modest 1-3 feet; the perfect compliment to family beach-time.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.