7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 19/11/2018

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Feeling rather bitter in the force 6 ENE’ly wind (force 7 in Alderney and other particularly exposed locations). There should be some sunny spells in the morning, but not in the same ‘pristine blue-sky’ style as on Sunday. Then, through the afternoon, the cloud will increase until we see a few showers arrive by evening. Overnight, these showers will become a bit more frequent and possibly quite heavy.

Pretty difficult surfing conditions, paddling against that wind, but the morning will still be quite rewarding, with plenty of 3-4 footers still pushing through.
During the afternoon, the waves will only be half the size, but the windsurfers should be loving it.
Low water 3.4m at 9:40am, high water 7.7m at 3:40pm.


Cloudy and showery all day I’m afraid, with the bitter ENE’ly wind not really easing off until evening. Wrap up warm people; the max temp is only expected to be 7-8C, followed by an overnight minimum of about 4C (with frost and ice likely to form on the ground below).

With only 1-2 foot waves, it really isn’t going to be worth doing battle with that bitter wind. Tides will be getting a bit bigger, with a mid morning low of under 3m and a late afternoon high of over 8m.


Still showery in the morning but probably becoming fine in the afternoon. That said, 7-8C is still the most likely max temp.
On the plus-side however, it certainly won’t feel as chilly, because the wind should only be a force 2-3 SE’ly.

Looking gorgeous in the surf, with super-clean 4-6 foot waves. Times of high water will be shortly before dawn and after dusk. Low water will be about 2.3m at 11:10am. Therefore, the best sessions will certainly be the early one and the late one.


This looks like the more pleasant end of the week, with temperatures bouncing back to double figures on Thursday in the partial sunshine and the moderate SE’ly breeze. Friday might see a bit more cloud and perhaps some brief showers, but the temperatures should keep on climbing to about 11C.
Both days should be great for surf, albeit a bit on the small side, with just a clean 3 foot on Thursday and equally pristine 2 foot on Friday. Keep the tides in mind though, because they will be pretty large, with highs of over 9m just dawn and after dusk.


Mixed cloud and sunshine, with isolated showers on both days. Winds staying SE’ly force 3-5. Temperatures pretty average, with maxima of about 11C and minima of about 7-8C.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.