7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 26/11/2018

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If you like it dry and not too windy, then seize this day. Temperatures will be about average at 10C by day and 6C overnight. The force 3-4 breeze will be from the northeast, so the south coast cliff-paths will feel the warmest, especially with all that extra sunshine exposure.

Much like Sunday, the waves will only be 1-2 feet, with awkward tides and cross-shore winds, but fear not because the good stuff is only a day away.
High water 9.4m at 8:10pm, low water 1.5 m at 2:40pm.


A very wet one, with most hours of daylight taken out by a slow-moving weather-front and a strong force 6 S’ly wind. Temperature will climb to about 13C by the end of the day, and then stay pretty close to that overnight. Visibility issues might arise in the late afternoon and evening, as winds veer SW’ly, the rain turns to drizzle and the clouds get even closer to the ground.

4 feet and. very cean in the morning. Much bgger swell in the afternoon, but with the tide so low, the options will be rather limited. High water will be 9.2m at 9am, low water 1.9m at 3:30pm.


Windier than Tuesday, and possibly just as wet, as we cop a full day of force 7+ SSW’ly winds and frequent blustery showers. The most sheltered areas to grab a walk or a run will be around Pleinmont and L’Eree on the west coast, and Fermain on the east.

A pretty awesome day for windsurfers and kitesurfers on this day, and an epic swell for surfers too. Waves will be about 8-10 feet in the west coast through the morning, and then slightly more manageable on the north coast through the afternoon.
High water 8.7m at 9:50am, low water 2.4m at 4:10pm.


Two more very mild days with lots of blustery showers. However, on these days there will be lots of sunny intervals, and no doubt a few lovely rainbows. The winds will be force 6-7 SSW’ly on Thursday, meaning more excellent surfing and windsurfing conditions. On Friday, the winds will be just as strong but directly from the west, so the east coast (South of Town) will definitely be the most comfortable area to spend time on that day.


Two more mild but very unsettled days. It currently looks as though Saturday will have persistent rain and drizzle, and quite possibly hill-fog. Sunday looks rather more showery, much like Thursday and Friday.
Winds look set to be more or less SW’ly again, and probably about force 5 for the majority of the time.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.