7-day Forecast. Starting Thursday 06/12/2018

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A rather bland and cloudy day, but nothing to complain about, if you compare it to the day that came before and the day that will come after.
Temperatures will be about 13C by day and 11C by night, so that’s firmly on the mild side, but it won’t feel particularly comfortable, because the wind will be a force 4-6 WSW’ly through most of the day and then a force 5-7 overnight.
Showers will be very few and far between and any that do catch the Islands will only be light.

Fairly choppy 6 foot waves, perhaps a tad cleaner and certainly most surfable during the late afternoon. Low water will be 1.7m at midday. High water will be almost 9m shortly before dawn and after dusk.


The day will kick off with the arrival of a band of heavy rain, much like that of Wednesday afternoon, in terms of its heaviness and duration. Clearance will come in the late morning, but it won’t be long before the heavy showers come along, and these will be coming and going through the rest of the day.
Despite all that grot, the most significant feature of the forecast will actually be the wind, because that will be a force 7 WNW’ly through most of the day, and then a gale force 8 W’ly overnight.

Fantastic windsurfing conditions, but not so great for surfers, as the 10-12 foot waves are going to be a proper choppy mess.
Low water will be 1.7m at 12:40pm. High water will be a little over 9m shortly before dawn and after dusk.


Two very unsettled days in one way or another. Saturday will have occasional squally showers, particularly early and late. The daytime wind will be a force 7 WSW’ly, and then then overnight, this will veer WNW’ly and increase to as much as gale force 9.
Those gales and squally showers will persist until about half way through Sunday. Then we might just see some dryness and brightness through the afternoon, when the wind veers to a force 6-7 NW’ly. Unfortunately that wind will feel very chilly, as a blast of colder air feeds into the Channel. If any places are going to be at all pleasant for a an afternoon outing, then it’s going to be along the coast between Town and Jerbourg, or down at Moulin Huet, Saints Bay or Petit Bot.


Much cooler than this week, with temperatures probably staying in single figures until the following weekend, and some of the nights being cold enough for ground frost. On the plus side, for at least the first half of the week, winds look set to be light (mainly E’ly) and the weather should be mostly dry and sunny.

The next forecast update will be on Friday evening.