7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 03/10/2018

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Still cloudy at times, but it should be dry throughout and the sunny intervals will certainly be more plentiful than on Tuesday. Furthermore, the NNW’ly wind will drop off to a lovely light force 2-3, so it should feel much more comfortable, even though the max temperature will be about the same (17C).

Surf still pretty tiny, but it will be fairly clean, and possibly rideable for kids. Tides pretty small, with a low at 6:50am and a high at 1:10pm.


The improving trend will continue, with winds staying light (SSE’ly this time), sunshine increasing and max temps hitting 18-19C. Everywhere should be very pleasant (once any early morning mist and fog has cleared), but the west and north coasts the cream of the crop, with the small high tide keeping sand on the beaches throughout the afternoon.

Tides will be 3.7m at 8:40am and 7.2m at 3pm. Surf still only about 1 foot I’m afraid, but clean as a whistle, so it could still be ok for those kiddies straight after school.


The warmest day of the weak, peaking at 19-20C. Sunny all day, with gentle SSE’ly breezes again.

Surf perhaps a tad bigger, maybe 2 feet and clean throughout the afternoon and evening. Tides still rather small, with the low at 10:20am and the high at 4:20pm.


The uncertainty is regarding exactly ‘when’ the weather will go seriously downhill; not if ‘if’ it will. My current expectation is that Saturday morning will be dry and calm, but then the afternoon and evening will turn very wet and windy, with winds rapidly switching from a very gentle S’ly to a near-gale N’ly.
Timings may change, possibly depriving us of a nice Saturday morning, or possibly extending said nice morning into the afternoon.
What appears to be more certain, is that Saturday night will be foul throughout, and then Sunday will. Increasingly dry and sunny, but rather cold.


Winds will be gentle and SSW’ly, which will make things a tad milder and more comfortable than at the weekend, although it could be rather cloudy for much of the time.
What’s looking really exciting, if you’re a surfer, is that we should finally see some small to medium, but solid swell coming through from Hurricane Lesley. Potentially this could be treating us to quality conditions every day next week. Tides will be almost 10m on the highs though, so timing will be critical to nail the perfect sessions.

My next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.