7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 10/01/2017

Here’s a pic I snapped a few winters back, just before an epic surf, very much like what will be on offer this week.


A dry day, apart from some very isolated showers which probably won’t hit us anyway. Otherwise, we are looking at plenty of much-needed sunshine.

The early afternoon should be the real cherry on the cake, when a small high tide will magnetise people to the beaches. The clean, powerful waves should be about 6 feet at Vazon (quite a bit bigger on the reefs around Perelle), and these should be a real spectacle for walkers and runners, as well as for the surfers themselves.

Winds: Force 4 WSW’ly at first, veering force 2-3 S’ly through the afternoon, then veering force 3-4 E’ly overnight (perhaps increasing to force 5-6 for a brief while though).

Temperatures: Daytime max 10-11C, Overnight min 5-7C (with a slim chance of ground-frost, depending on the strength of the wind).

Tides: Lows at 6:50am and 7:20pm, high at 12:50pm (small tides).


An entirely dry day, with plenty of sunshine but perhaps a little more cloud than on Wednesday. The NE’ly breeze will bring slightly cooler air than on Wednesday. It won’t be strong enough for wind-chill to be a problem, but you will still find that the warmest spots are the sheltered south-coast cliff-paths, because they will get the best of the sunshine too.

Surfers and wave lovers in general; once again we are looking at another phenomenal afternoon on the west coast. Pictures will be V welcome.

Winds: Force 4 N’ly at dawn, gradually easing to force 2 E’ly by dusk.

Temperatures: Daytime max 9C. Overnight min 4-6C (possibly with a ground-frost again, but this time depending on the amount of cloud-cover).

Tides: Low at 8am, high at 2:10pm (small tides).


Hazy sunshine should filter through wispy high-cloud for most of the day. This should make for a sky-full of pretty halos and sun-dogs etc. However, it’s possible that the cloud might become a bit too thick and grey towards sunset. The reason for the thickening cloud is because a weather-front will be approaching from the west, possibly giving us a wetting through the second half of the night, depending on how much progress it makes.

Back to daylight hours; once again the west-coast surf will be gorgeous through the afternoon. However, it will only be about half the size and power of the previous two days, making it much more manageable for beginners and intermediates.

Winds: SSE’ly throughout; force 4 through the morning, force 5 through the afternoon and force 6 overnight.

Temperatures: 7-8C throughout.

Tides: Low at 9:10am, high at 3:20pm (small tides).


As that Atlantic weather-front really struggles to make eastward progress, we might even manage to stay dry through Saturday, but this is very uncertain at the moment. Either way, the front will probably be close enough to give us cloudy skies throughout, and the force 4-6 SSE’ly wind will certainly feel a bit chilly.

Going through Sunday, we will probably have slightly lighter SSW’ly winds and ever brightening skies. This will be due to that weather-front managing to pass beyond us, and dying a death as it does so. Temperatures should therefore increase on that day, and everywhere should feel much more pleasant.

Surfers! the west-coast waves should be a clean and powerful 5 feet on both afternoons.


Winds are expected to veer SW’ly and then W’ly, allowing a couple of weather-fronts to swing through with spells of persistent rain. In-between these we should see a mix of cloud, sunshine and isolated showers, and the temperatures will generally fluctuate between about 8 and 10C. Town, will certainly be the mildest area on these days.

The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.