7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 10/10/2018

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As for the picture, this is one I snapped on Monday, of Guernsey from Plemont on the the NW tip of Jersey. What dou can’t quite appreciate from the photo, is that I could see individual buildings in Town and the bridge, with the naked eye. Wow, the visibility was just incredible that day!


Well it’s day two of warm sunshine, with SE’ly winds and fantastic west-coast surf.
This time we can expect a top temp of 20-21C. Not bad for October eh!
Once again, spring tides will lend themselves to early afternoon Lihou escapades.
If all that isn’t exciting enough for you, then keep an eye and an ear out during the evening, as thunderstorms are expected to develop over France and wander past the islands. It will be a hit and miss affair, so they might not go directly overhead, then again we might just cop a brief but thorough soaking.

Surf-wise, it’s going to be a solid 4-5 feet again, pristinely clean, but rather hard to nail the perfect session due to the fast moving tides. Things will kick off with a 9.9m high at 8:20am, followed by a 0.7m low at 2:30pm, and then a 9.9m high at 7:40pm.


Another warm day, but with a stronger SSE’ly wind (force 5-6) and cloudier skies, the max will be restricted to about 18-19C .
That said, France could still be hot enough to cook up some thunderstorms, so there will be another chance of that kind of action in the evening, at the very least we will certainly see some showers as we go into the night.

Smaller waves for surfers, although they will still be super clean and rideable mid morning and evening. Windsurfing and kitesurfing should really be where it’s at on this day.
Tides; highs of 9.8m at 8:40am and 9.7m at 9pm, low of 0.8m at 3:10pm.


Force 6 (perhaps even 7) S’ly winds, and rather cloudy skies, will counterbalance the warm airflow meaning that temperatures hit the same (still very respectable) max as on Thursday.
Oh yes; and we should stay dry all day.

Surf-wise, it’s going to get real BIG, picking up to 8 feet plus for the evening session at Vazon. Small, clean (more beginner friendly) waves could also be on offer at L’Ancresse throughout the afternoon.. Tides starting with a 9.5m high at 9:20am, followed by a 1.2m low at 3:40pm, and then a 9.3m high at 9:30pm.


The timing of the rain has now shifted from the previous expectation, meaning that Saturday will probably stay dry until the evening and be rather warm actually (probably 20C). Overnight, rain will then affect us, continuing until lunchtime on Sunday; mainly light or moderate but possibly with a few heavy moments.
Saturday’s winds will be force 5-6 S’ly. Overnight, they might get a bit stronger than that, before gradually easing and veering to a force 4 NW’ly through Sunday morning. Then to finish the weekend, the afternoon should actually become quite sunny, but the new airflow will probably feel a lot cooler than of late.
On the water; we can expect more fantastic conditions for surfers and windsurfers, particularly on Saturday (pictures very welcome please).


Monday will bring cool sunshine, just like on Sunday afternoon, but we will return to S’lly winds on Tuesday, which will bring milder air again. That said, those winds could be rather strong at times, with cloudy skies and possibly some rain by the end of the day, so I don’t think it’s going to feel particularly special.

My next forecast update will be on Thursday evening..