7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 28/11/2018

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A deep, and still deepening, Atlantic low-pressure system will make for two very windy days; this being the first. Mean strengths throughout the day and the night, will be force 6-7, but some of the most exposed locations could reach gale 8 at times. With the SSW’ly direction, there won’t be many sheltered areas, but I think that the Pleinmont area of the west coast and the Fermain area of the east coast will probably be the best.
As for rain, probably not as heavy as yesterday, pretty damp nonetheless, with quite a lot of mist and drizzle throughout.
Despite all this, it will be very mild, with temperatures staying very close to 14C throughout.

A pretty awesome day for windsurfers and kitesurfers on this day, and an epic swell for surfers too. Waves will be about 8-10 feet in the west coast through the morning, and then slightly more manageable on the north coast through the afternoon.
High water 8.7m at 9:50am, low water 2.4m at 4:10pm.


Wind-wise, this will be virtually the same as Wednesday. The rain will be different though, with a particularly heavy session before dawn and then an alternating pattern of sunshine, squally showers and rainbows through the rest of the day.

Just as clean and massive in the surf department, with expert-only waves on offer on the west coast, and slightly friendlier conditions on the north.
High water 8.2m at 10:40pm, low water 2.8m at 5:10pm.


Sunshine and isolated heavy showers (perhaps thundery) during the morning. Probably dry by lunchtime and then for the rest of the day, before the next band of persistent heavy rain arrives in the night.
Winds will be W’ly force 5-6, so the east coast will be the most comfortable area by a long shot.
Temperatures taking a slight dip, to about 12C.

Surf still big but much messier and less attractive than the previous days. Really top notch windsurfing conditions though. Enjoy!
High water will be 7.8m in the late morning, times of low water will be before dawn and after dusk.


Temperatures will be back up to a balmy 14C, but there really isn’t very much to get excited about, unless you are thinking of indoor activity. Both days will maintain a force 6 WSW’ly wind. Showers or prolonged spells of drizzly rain look most likely in the morning (perhaps with hill fog at times). At the moment, it looks as though both afternoons will be mostly dry.
Windsurfers and kite surfers should carry on having a good time, and it won’t be too bad for surfers either (high tide will be around lunchtime on both days).


Staying mild, with plenty of wet weather continuing to pile in on fresh or strong SW’ly winds. However, at this stage, I give any greater precision than that.

The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.