Islandmums is the go-to site for families in the Channel Island and runs the popular Family Club membership service.

Islandmums Family Club has over 1000 paying members that enjoy hundreds of offers, promotions and exclusive benefits with over 100 participating businesses. started in 2009, originally known as It was set up by local mums for local families as a one-stop shop for finding information about parenting, child care services and activities in Guernsey.

Originally set-up by mums Milly, Jane and Sarah, it changed ownership in January 2015 and is now run by Sasha Kazantseva-Miller, a mum of three, and a fabulous team. Juggling babies, bigger kids, other jobs and interests has always been part of the team life!

At the heart of our original mission is to be the go-to place for useful information and support for local women and their families after the life-changing experience of having children. is run with the simple vision of improving quality of life for families – not only mums but also dads, grandparents and carers. We do it by negotiating great offers and special promotions, by providing relevant and up to date information about events and activities and being a voice for issues affecting the local community.

We also pride ourselves on being a fab platform promoting local businesses through the Family Club business membership with hundreds of offers and promotions encouraging families to spend locally.

Join our fantastic Family Club as a member today!

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