Sark Day Trip Ideas

We are so lucky in Guernsey to have the unique beauty of Sark on our doorstep. And even luckier now that Islandmums has negotiated such good deals for you to … Read More

KD Dance flourishing after 25 years

KD Dance celebrates 25 years as a dance school from September 2018. School Principal, Karen Thompson, studied at the London College of Dance and Drama and qualified as a dance … Read More

The Guernsey Sailing Trust

The Guernsey Sailing Trust is a charity that exists to introduce as many people on Guernsey to one of the islands biggest and most freeing resources – the sea, primarily … Read More

Summer savings with Islandmums

Savings on activities, travel, eating out and Sark! Islandmums is here to make it a bit easier to afford some of the summer luxuries and help build lasting memories! Use … Read More

The family behind Regency

Every business has a story. Because businesses are run by humans and every human life comes with a rich tapestry of struggles and triumphs. Regency’s story is about family and how … Read More

Retreat to Sark

We believe that Sark is one of the most magical places in the world and one of the safest places to take your children. Crime is virtually non-existent and the … Read More