7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 07/02/2018

Thanks to Paul Mariess for this pic, showing how beautifully golden the sunlight is when it shines through super-clean cold air and undercuts snow-clouds.


The air will be extremely dry, so we probably won’t wake up to hoar-frost, except perhaps in places like L’Ancresse common, where the wind will come straight off the sea. Elsewhere; overnight showers of rain, sleet and snow, will have led to some icy areas. Therefore, it would be good to allow extra time for the morning commute.

The rest of the day will be gorgeously sunny, and the biting N’ly wind will gradually ease off. Therefore, the south coast will be the only comfortable area though the morning, but the rest of the island will become more bearable towards sunset. Wherever you go, so long as you wrap up super-snug, then it’s going to be visually spectacular, due to the exceptionally good visibility.

Winds: Force 5-6 N’ly through the morning, easing to force 3-4 through the afternoon.

Temperatures: Generally 3-5C throughout, only dropping to 1-2C for a period during the first half of the night.

Tides: High of 7.7m at 11am, low of 2.9m at 5:30pm.


More cloud than on Wednesday. However, the sky will still be bright, as plenty of hazy sunshine manages to filter through (particularly during the morning).

A change of wind-direction, will mean that the temperature rises to a more typical value by sunset, and then the overnight period will actually be quite a bit milder than the day. However, whenever there is a big change of temperature, there is probably a soggy weather-front to go with it. So we might well be woken by a good old downpour at some point.

Winds: Light and variable at first, becoming force 4-5 SSW’ly by the end of the day, then force 6-7 overnight.

Temperatures: Steadily increasing from 3-4C at dawn, to about 9C by the middle of the night.

Tides: High of 7m at 11:50am, low of 3.5m at 6:20pm.


This day has improved a lot from the previous forecast. The heavy rain should clear though around breakfast time, or possibly sooner, which will leave us with a dry, bright and breezy day to follow.

This time, the most sheltered nooks will be around Petit Bot, Saints Bay, Moulin Huet or Fermain.

Winds: Force 6 NNW’ly gradually easing to force 4-5 NW’ly.

Temperatures: Daytime max 8C, overnight min 6C.

Tides: Very small tidal range indeed. Lows around dawn and dusk. High at lunchtime.


In contrast to Friday’s improving forecast, the weekend has actually gone downhill.

SW’ly winds will bring increasingly cloudy skies through Saturday, with patchy light rain through much of the afternoon.

Sunday should be a brighter day, but probably with a few showers blowing through on a rather perky W’ly wind.

Temperatures should be up to the low double figures again, and both days should offer some fun conditions for west-coast surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers.


At this stage, it looks as though there will be very little change from Sunday. Winds might back to a more SW’ly direction, but in terms of temperature and rainfall, these two days should be bang on average.

The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.