7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 14/05/2018

Thanks to Paul Mariess for the latest beautiful piccy.


Pure sunshine and very little to add to that description. On account of the wind being from the northwest, it won’t be as warm as it could be, but it will feel pretty special in high-walled gardens and on the south-coast beaches

Winds: Force 4-5 NNW’ly, backing WNW’ly towards late afternoon, then returning NNW’ly overnight.

Temperatures: Max 14-15C in most areas, but possibly 16C on the south coast. Min 9C.

Tides: Highs of 8.7m at 7:10am and 8.9m at 7:40pm. Low of 1.4m at 1:40pm.


Perhaps a fraction more cloud than on Monday, but I’m not too certain about this. Either way, the sunshine will definitely be the dominant feature. Once again, head to the south coast feel the warmest (and the big tides will mean extra amounts of golden sand in the late morning and early afternoon).

Winds: Force 4-5 NNW’ly.

Temperatures: Max 15-16C in most areas, but possibly 17C on the south coast. Min 10C.

Tides: Highs of 9.1m at 6:30am and 9.3m at 6:50pm. Low of 1.1m at 12:50pm.


Much like Tuesday, there is a chance of some cloud on this day, but not enough to detract from the overall sunny theme. A slight change in wind direction will mean that some parts of the west coast will also feel quite sheltered; namely the northern corners, such as by Fort Houmet or by Fort Grande Rocque.

Winds: Force 4-5 NNE’ly.

Temperatures: Max 13-14C in most areas, but possibly 15-16C on the south coast. Min 11C.

Tides: Highs of 9.2m at 8am and 9.3m at 8:20pm. Low of 0.8m at 2:20pm.


Winds will stay NE’ly, just like on Wednesday. Skies should be almost cloudless so the UV index will be right up there at about 7, but temperatures won’t be any higher.


Nothing lasts for ever I’m afraid. Whilst Saturday is currently expected to be almost as sunny as the previous days (possibly warmer though with the airflow coming from the south), Sunday is expected to have rain or drizzle.


The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.