6-day Forecast. Starting Tuesday 06/11/2018

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(Surf pics by John Norman and Mike Heyworth)


Cloudier than Monday but with a few bright or sunny spells too. During the day there is a slight chance of the odd spot of light rain, but nothing particularly noticeable. The evening However, will see the arrival of persistent rain, which will get heavier as we go through the night. By the end of the night, it will probably have broken up into showers, but these could still be pretty heavy at times, perhaps even with the odd rumble of thunder.
Whilst all that rain is developing, the wind will be doing likewise, as the day’s force 4 S’ly, increases to force 5-6 in the evening, and then a steady force 7 through the majority of the night.

Tides; 1.5m low at 11:40 am and 9.4m high at 5:40pm. Waves, only 1-3 feet on this day, but still nice and clean, so it could well be worth a quick bash straight before / after school or work.


Occasional squally showers, punctuated by sunny intervals. The wind will veer WSW’ly but it will stay about as strong as the previous night, with a mean strength of force 6, but some much stronger gusts around the showers.

Surf getting big again, but messy this time and probably best enjoyed by windsurfers.
Tides will be about 9.5m high just before dawn and just after dusk (watch out for splashes along debri on the west-coast road), and 1.3m low at 12:30pm.


These days are a little uncertain, because; Thursday’s line of rain and showers may stay just far enough away for us to stay dry and perhaps even sunny; then on Friday the showers are more likely to pass over us, however they could be so light and infrequent that we are basically talking about a reasonably fine day.
Both days should have force 5 to 6 S’ly winds, excellent surf (although with fairly big spring tides), and the temperatures should be about 14C in the daytime and 12C in the nightti


Both days much like Wednesday, in terms of sunshine and heavy squally showers. The wind will be SSW’ly though, and this will be strongest on Saturday, with a mean of force 6-7 and much stronger gusts. Then Sunday will remain gusty, but around a mean of justforce 5-6.
Despite all that weather, it should still be mild with top temps of 14-15C. To make the most of the dry time, head down to the Plemont / Portelet area for maximum shelter.
Surfers; I’m sure you can work out the best places to enjoy the 6-10 foot waves. (Once again, please send me your pics).

My next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.