7-day Forecast. Starting Friday 09/02/2018

Thanks to Nicola Stevens for this fab pic of showery skies from last week. It looks like things are turning that way again, through this forecast period.


We shall wake up to wet ground, from heavy overnight-rain. However, the day should become increasingly sunny, and the fresh to strong wind will dry things out rapidly.

It will feel chilly though, compared to the rather spring-like day before. To carry on feeling spring-like, it will be necessary to find some good shelter. On this wind direction, this means heading to Petit Bot, Saints Bay, Moulin Huet, Fermain or Town.

Winds: Force 6-7 NW’ly at first, gradually easing to force 5-6 through the day, then slowly backing to force 4-5 SW’ly overnight.

Temperatures: Daytime max – generally 6C but 7C in Town. Overnight min 3-4C.

Tides: Very small tidal range indeed. Lows around dawn and dusk. High at lunchtime.


I’m not sure how long it will stay dry through the morning, but seize whatever you can, because cloud will be thickening and lowering, until persistent rain or drizzle has arrived by lunchtime at the latest. The rest of the day will be soggy and overcast, and the evening will probably be foggy.

On the plus-side, the west-coast surf should be cracking. The wind and tides will make for super-clean 4-5 foot waves through most of the day..

Winds: Force 5 SW’ly at first, increasing to force 6-7 SSW’ly through the afternoon, veering to force 5 WSW’ly through the evening, then force 6-7 NW’ly overnight.

Temperatures: Steadily increasing from 5-6C at dawn to about 11C by mid-evening.

Tides: Very small tidal range indeed. Low around breakfast time. High early afternoon.


If Saturday evening’s fog had you worried about Sunday morning’s flights, then fear not, because the wind will have changed direction and a cool, clean airmass will have moved in. To find shelter, head to the same areas as recommended for Friday. However, on this occasion the brightness will be punctuated by a few fleeting showers (and a few rainbows of course).

Winds: Force 5-6 WNW’ly, occasionally exceeding force 7 around showers.

Temperatures: Steadily decreasing from 8-9C at dawn to about 4 or 5C by the end of the night.

Tides: Very small tidal range indeed. Low mid-morning. High late-afternoon.


Monday will be a relatively gentle start to an unsettled week. Showers will be isolated and winds will be a tad lighter than on Sunday. However, a band of more heavy, squally showers will sweep though during the night and possibly spill over into Tuesday morning.

The rest of Tuesday will probably be a slightly more breezy version of Monday, saving the real nastiness for the night-time again.


In summary; wet and windy.

With our weather generally coming from the southwest, the surf should be good and it will be mild throughout. However, the downside of this, is that air-traffic will probably experience a little disruption, due to the odd bout of hill-fog.

The next forecast update will be on Sunday.