7-dáy Forecast. Starting Friday 09/11/2018

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Piccy from the Flybe window last week. The unmistakable shapes of Soif and Portinfer.


A day of two halves. If you like it mild and dry, with moderate SW’ly breezes, then don’t dilly dally, get out there and make the most of the morning and lunchtime.
By early-mid afternoon, it will still be mild but the wind will have increased to a force 6 S’ly and the cloud will have thickened significantly, possibly producing the first spots of rain.
By late afternoon, we will be looking at full on persistent (and fairly heavy) horizontal rain, as the wind increases to as much as gale force 8.
By late evening or midnight, the worst of the weather should be through, with winds veering SW’ly and easing to about force 5-6, whilst the rain is simply substituted by occasional showers.

More BIG surf, same kind of size as on Thursday, 6-8 feet on the west coast and about half that on the north. Tides will be about 9.7m high and 9.5m high at 7:20am and 7:40pm respectively; and roughly 1.4m low at 1:40pm


A simple picture of sunshine, heavy showers and rainbows coming and going quite frequently, and a consistent force 4-6 SW’ly wind.
Head to Town for the warmest feeling, but a raincoat would still be wise even there. Other good spots for a relatively sheltered and pleasant walk, would be Fermain in the east and Pleinmont in the west.

Yet more BIG surf, 6-8 feet on the west coast and about half that on the north. Tides will be about 9.4m high and 9.1m high at 7:50am and 8:10pm respectively; and roughly 1.6m low at 2:10pm


Just a straight forward repeat of Saturday in every way, with temperatures still peaking between 13-15C and only falling to about 10-12C.

Tides 9m high at 8:20am and 2m low at 2:50pm. Surf; still just as big and rideable on both west and north coasts.


Things look set to simmer down significantly, as we reduce the showers, and steadily increase the sunshine, and (most significantly) we soften the SW’ly to just a moderate force 4.
Therefore, these should be two relatively good days for catching up on some outdoor activity like cycling or running, if perhaps this has gone amiss during the recent strong winds.
Temperatures probably a degree cooler by day than of late, and about three degrees cooler by night


Obviously this is at the uncertain end of the forecast, but it currently looks as though the weather should be fairly settled on these two days, as continental high pressure manages to elbow the lows just far enough away to spare us any more grot. Winds will gradually back S’ly and then SE’ly, making for some really clean surf, albeit only about 2-4 feet on the west coast.
My next forecast update will be on Sunday.