7-day Forecast. starting Friday 11/05/2018

Thanks to Paul Marie’s for snapping this grea solar halo.


A warm day with a fine and sunny start, but clouding over towards lunchtime, with light rain falling through the late afternoon and evening.

On the water, beautifully clean 3-4 foot waves will be available for surfers through the vast majority of the d

Winds: Force 4-5 SSE’ly, veering WSW’ly through the evening, then falling light and variable overnight

Temperatures: Max 17C, min 7C.

Tides: Low of 3m at 10:20am. High of 7.4m at 4:30pm.


High cloud and hazy sunshine making for a pleasant and comfortable day. On the land, temperatures won’t be quite as high as Friday. But in the sea, the waves will be higher.

Winds: Force 2-4 S’ly, veering WSW’ly through the evening and overnight.

Temperatures: Max generally 12-13C but 14-15C in Town, min 6C.

Tides: Low of 2.5m at 11:20am. High of 8m at 5:20pm.


Sunshine and showers, with the sunshine focussing on the first half of the day and the showers on the second.

Winds: Force 4-5 SW’ly.

Temperatures: Max generally 12C but 14C in Town, min 9C.

Tides: Low of 2m at 12:10pm. Highs of 8.3m at 5:50am and 8.6m 6:10pm.


A force 3-4 NW’ly breeze will moderate the temperature, whilst the sun blazes away in a mostly blue sky. The odd big bubbly cloud may drift by, casting a brief shadow or two, but showers are looking highly unlikely, or at least very infrequent.

To make the most of the weather, head to a SE facing beach such as Fermain, Moulin Huet, Saints or Petit Bot. Furthermore, the spring tides will expose lots of gorgeous sand there, during the late mornings and early afternoons.


High pressure will extend over us from the Atlantic, giving us a gentle N’ly airflow on Wednesday, but possibly a still and smouldering day on Thursday. Watch this space.

The next forecast update will be on Sunday.