7-day Forecast. Starting Liberation Day (Wednesday) 09/05/2018

Thanks to Katrina Godfrey for another asolutely gorgeous piccy.

WEDNESDAY (Liberation Day!)

For most of the day, the cloud will only be covered by thin layers of high cloud, so there should be plenty of hazy sunshine.

Towards evening the cloud will get thicker though, and this will eventually yield a few hours of rain, but probably not until after dark.

Winds: WNW’ly force 2-3 before lunch, backing to WSW’ly force 3-4 after lunch.

Temperatures: Max 14C in most areas but at least 15C in Town (perfect for all the festivities there). Min 9C.

Tides: High of 6.7m at 2:20pm. Lows of 3.9m at 8:10am and 4.1m at 8:30pm.


Totally dry with brighter sunshine than on Wednesday, but with a stronger and chillier breeze. On balance, it will feel about the same in most areas. However, if you find some decent shelter then it will be a bit of a beauty. Town and Fermain will be the prime areas on Guernsey. If you’re over on Herm then Belvoir will be similarly gorgeous.

Surfers; check out the evening session, when the breeze will fall light and the BIG new swell should clean right up. Expect some powerful 6-8-footers on the west coast and maybe some decent 4-footers on the north.

Winds: WNW’ly force 4-5, easing to SW’ly force 2-3 towards the evening.

Temperatures: Max 14C in most areas but at least 15C in Town. Min 8C.

Tides: High of 6.9m at 3:30pm. Lows of 3.5m at 9:20am and 3.6m at 9:50pm.


On this day, our wind will be from a continental origin, so it will be warmer even though it’s much more hazy and cloudy.

We will probably stay dry though, except perhaps for some brief showers during the late evening.

One of the highlights will be the surf. Certainly not as huge as the previous evening but really really clean. Vazon beach should be great for those of intermediate ability, but experts will probably look to the various reefs for something more classic.

Winds: SSE’ly force 4-5.

Temperatures: Max 16C, min 9-10C.

Tides: Low of 3m at 10:20am. High of 7.4m at 4:30pm.


Sunshine and isolated showers on Saturday.

Cloudier with more frequent showers on Sunday.

Breezes (force 2-4) will gradually veer from SW’ly to W’ly, meaning that Saturday will probably feel the warmest and have the cleanest surf. Therefore, at this stage, Saturday does look like the best day for the west-coast beaches. However, the details are not at all certain, so check the updates because Sunday might still come up trumps.


These will probably be a pair of fine days, when we fair better than our nearby larger landmasses. A cool airflow will be conducive to daytime showers over the UK and France, but overnight showers over the sea and islands.

Our temperatures certainly won’t be nearly as high as on the recent bank holiday weekend, but it should still feel warm and pleasant because the NW’ly or N’ly breezes will be very light.

The south-coast beaches will probably be the choicest locations, scooping the highest temperatures, and offering lots of sand during the middle parts of the days, thanks to the low spring-tides.


The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.