7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 07/01/2019

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And of course thank you to Charlie Worsley for this fab piccy of the Roche d’Oeuvres lighthouse. You know you got good vis when you can see that so clearly.


I’m afraid it’s just going to be the same old dull grey skies as the previous days. There will be a difference though. And that is a strengthening W’ly wind, picking up to about force 5 by the afternoon, possibly even force 6 in exposed places. This wind comes ahead of a weak cold front, which will bring patchy light rain overnight, but this should clear through by Tuesday morning, hopefully leading to a slightly brighter week.

To get the best of the 3 foot surf, then get in there at the crack of dawn before the wind gets up. The tide will be high though; 8.7m at 7:10am, dropping out to a 1.7m low at 1:40pm.


Dry from dawn and hopefully quite bright or even sunny for a good portion of the day. That said, there will still be a fair bit of cloud rattling around, so it won’t be anything to get too excited about. Furthermore, the force 4-5 NNW’ly wind is going to make it feel chillier than the thermometers would imply. Head to the south coast for the best shelter and the most comfortable conditions for a walk or a run.

No useful surf on this day, nothing but 1-3 feet of windslop I’m afraid. Tides; 8.7m high at 7:50am, 1.8m low at 2:10pm.


This day really is looking like the best day for sunshine. Again, certainly not cloudless, but we’ll take any sunshine that we can get thanks. It’s not going to be warm though, as the temperature only peaks at 7-8C and the wind-chill from the force 4-5 NNE’ly makes it feel more like 2-3C.

The wind will certainly spoil the 2 foot swell on the west coast. There is a very slim chance that Petit Port would have a clean and rideable wave mid-morning but this is probably a bit of a stretch of the imagination. Tides; 8.5m high at 8:20am, 1.9m low at 2:40pm.


Thursday much like Wednesday, but perhaps with a slightly gentler N’ly wind, so hopefully a bit more comfortable.
Friday will then be a cloudy affair again, quite possibly with a some spits and spots of light rain at times. Max temps should be back up to 10C and then the overnight minimum will be a relatively mild 7-8C.


Much like the weather that we have experienced recently, there will be some hope of sunny spells but the more likely scenario will be a fairly solid sheet of cloud. Temperatures should stay around 10C by day and 8C by night, but a rather pesky force 5 NW’ly wind will always make it feel chillier than that. The paces to seek shelter will be Town, Fermain, Moulin Huet, Saints and Petit Bot.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.