7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 10/12/2018

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Phew! After such a blowy weekend, we finally settle down to a dry day, with sunshine at times and just a force 3-4 NW’ly breeze.
Going into the night, it’s looking slightly more cloudy, so even though the wind should fall flat calm, we should still maintain about 7-8C air temperature, and ground frost no longer looks likely.

The big surf will really clean up in the afternoon, but unfortunately the tide might still be too low by the time the sun sets. High water will be 8.8 at 8am and low water will be 2m at 2:30pm.


After a week when the temperatures barely slipped out of the teens, and a weekend which was about 11-12C throughout, we will now struggle to break out of single figures. So yes it will be quite chilly, but I think we shall all be pleased that the wind is only a force 3-4 SSE’ly, and that there won’t be any rain except around dawn and again at midnight.

Lovely clean 4-foot waves throughout the morning. High water will be 8.2m at 9:10am. Low water will be 2.4m at 3pm.


Rather cloudy and showery, and still on the cold side. Winds will be moderate S’ly again, which is great news for surfers; read on about that…

More super-clean waves, this time in the 5-6 foot range. High water will be 8.5m at 8:40am. Low water will be 2.7 at 3:30pm.


Thursday looks great for surfing and windsurfing, as we cop a force 6 SE’ly wind all day. Not so great for anything else though, as the cold air (8C max) will be pretty thick with showers.
Friday looks slightly more positive, as temperatures pick up to 10C, winds drop to force 4, and showers become much fewer and further between


Small changes in the timing and positioning of low pressure systems could flip this forecast the other way around. However, the current expectation is for Saturday to be wet and windy and then for Sunday to be drier and a bit calmer.
Whatever the order of the weather, temperatures should be on the rise, with maxima of 12-13C feeling more comfortable than the previous days.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.