7-day Forecast. Starting Saturday 29/12/2018

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More of the same uneventful weather, that has seen us from Christmas to this point, and will continue to see us into 2019. We are talking about cloudy skies, occasional light drizzle in places, and just a few brief moments of brightness,. On top of that; light or moderate breezes and very average temperatures.
Max temp 10-11C, min temp 8-9C. Winds force 2-3 W’ly, perhaps force 4 at times (meaning the at east coast will feel nicest.

Fairly clean 1-2 foot waves this morning. Getting choppier in the afternoon, which is unfortunate because the swell should actually become a bit bigger.
High water; 8.1m at 11:30am.


More of the same comfortable blandness, in terms of cloud cover and temperature. A slight change in wind though, to a force 2-3 NW’ly. The only difference that this will make, is probably on the south coast, where it should be a tad more comfortable for walking along those cliff paths.

3 feet and a little bit choppy, but still good enough for a bit of fun at Vazon, with a lunchtime high tide of just 7.7m.


Guess what, pretty much the same again!
Which of course is not just comfortable if you’re on island, but also comfortable if you are travelling back by air or by sea.
Perhaps just a degree or two cooler though, only peaking at about 9C.

With the NW’ly breezes falling really light, we we shall have near glassy conditions in the surf, with the best of the 2 foot waves being in the late morning, as we push towards the 7.5m high tide at 1:50pm.


Staying dry and settled, but with some slight changes for the better or worse, depending on your viewpoint. New year’s day will be almost identical to New Year’s eve (but probably with a worse hangover). Then the next few days should see a steady increase in sunshine, at the same time as a decrease in temperatures.
This is because the high-pressure system will become centred precisely over the UK, meaning that the clockwise airflow around it will draw air down from chilly Scandinavia, swing it through the Channel and then back up towards Ireland.
For us, this means a moderate E’ly wind on most days, which will add a bit of a bite to temperatures that will be firmly in single figures anyway.
Surfers can look forward to clean 1-3 foot waves during the afternoons, but wearing a hat would be advisable, which will be equally true if you’re simply going for a walk on the beach.

The next forecast update will be on New Year’s Day.