7-day Forecast. Starting Sunday 13/01/2019

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Another cloudy and windy day, with the odd moment of drizzly rain (especially damp in the early evening). It’s going to be mild though, with the temperature starting between 9 and 10C at dawn, rising to 11C later, and then dropping off to about 8C overnight into Monday.
Winds will be about force 6 WNW’ly, so it will certainly be wise to seek shelter if going for a bit of a stroll. Town and Fermain will certainly be the best places for that.

Good windsurfing and kitesurfing, but the waves won’t be anything special. The tidal range will be a small one, with only about 4m difference between the high at 10:30am and the low at 5pm


Along with Thursday, this looks like a rare day of dryness and occasional sunshine, so be sure not to miss it. Force 4 NNW’ly winds (easing to force 3 in the afternoon) will bring relatively cool air, so I’m only expecting a max of 9C on this day. Head to the south coast for the best of it.

There’s just a slim hope that winds will be light enough towards dusk for a half-decent 2-3 wave; but it will probably be better to wait for Tuesday
The tidal range will be even smaller on this day, with the high at 11:30am and the lows well before dawn and after dusk.


Force 3-4 SW’ly winds will bring a return of milder air, taking our temperatures into double figures again (only just), but skies will certainly be cloudier than on Monday and I’m afraid I can’t rule out the odd drizzly moment. However, Wednesday is looking a fair bit worse, so why not get out and try to make the best of it.

In a generally rather poor week for surf, this looks like a bit of a standout moment, with reasonably clean 3-4 foot waves all day. Just a tiny tidal movement, with the high at lunchtime.


Not too bad on Wednesday morning (much like Tuesday), but then a good old soaking is expected in the afternoon, along with some fairly heavy showers overnight. Providing those showers move through quite swiftly, Thursday then looks dry and sunny, but with a decidedly chilly force 5 NNW’ly wind. Definitely a south-coast day.


All three of these days could be sunny and settled, but this is far from certain, with a constant stream of heavy showers on a slow-moving weather front, just along the edge of Western Britain and just possibly brushing up against our area. So stand by for some certainty about those days, because they really could go either way. One thing’s for sure though, it’s going to be rather chilly, with daily maxima of 6-8C and a likelihood of ground frost forming each night.

The next forecast update will be on Tuesday evening.