7-day Forecast. Starting Thursday 10/01/2019

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And of course thank you to Charley Worsley for this second fab piccy of the Roche d’Oeuvres lighthouse.


Another half and half day, with cloud and blue sky trading places in no particular pattern. The wind will still be from the NE but it will be lighter than on Wednesday; just a force 3 fins time. The effect of this will be that the 7-8C max will feel a bit more pleasant. However, the morning and the evening will see temperatures down at about 4C, with a patchy ground frost quite likely.

Only about a foot, and further weakened by the cross-shore breeze. Tides will be medium-large, with a high at breakfast time and a low in the mid afternoon.


Cloudier but also milder, by at least a degree. Winds will be force 4 and N’ly, so the south coast will certainly be the nicest place to take a walk or a run.

Another sloppy surf day I’m afraid, with tides just a tad smaller and a rad later.


Whilst the surf remains non-existent, there could at least be some fun for windsurfers and kitesurfers, as the wind spruces up to a force 5 NW’ly, perhaps even a force 6 for much of the time.
Whilst that’s going on, we shall remain cloudy and mostly dry and the temperature will continue to climb, comfortably hitting 11C on both days and only dropping to about 9 C at night. head to Town to feel warmest.


Monday looks cooler but sunnier than the weekend, with the wind staying NW’ly but easing about force 4. Tuesday will see that wind backing to a WSW’ly and temperatures should bounce back to about 11C.
After that, it’s going to be up and down, with Wednesday and Friday looking particularly wet and windy.
Surfers, I’m thinking Tuesday and Wednesday are looking pretty hopeful for some good waves at last.

The next forecast update will be on Saturday evening.