7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 07/11/2018

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Most people will have heard the wind whistling in the night, but if you didn’t then it’s either because you are a deep sleeper or you are sheltered from the S’ly direction. If it is the latter, then you will probably find you are more exposed later in the day, as the wind will veer steadily to a WSW’ly, whilst maintaining a mean strength of about force 5-7 and giving the odd gust of over 40mph when the heavy showers sweep through. Some of those showers have the potential for thunder and lightning, so keep an eye out for that, and you might also spot the odd pretty rainbow as we switch in and out of brief sunny spells.

Surf getting big again, but messy this time and probably best enjoyed by windsurfers.
Tides will be about 9.5m high just before dawn and just after dusk (watch out for big splashes and  debri along the west-coast road), and 1.3m low at 12:30pm.


A whole lot more dry and sunny than Wednesday, but with winds still rather brisk to say the least. This time we will see a force 6 SSE’ly for the majority of the day, which is just fantastic for windsurfing, kitesurfing and indeed regular wave surfing. Read below…
Before you get there though, I’ll just draw attention to the evening high tide, because this will be a bit of a dodgy one for St. Peter Port, particularly around Bulwar Avenue. I’m not thinking of flooding but certainly some big splashes and some debris on the roads there.

Tides 9.7m high at 6:40am and 7pm, 1.3m low at 1:10pm. Surf; super clean on west and north coasts; 6-8 feet on the west (top half of the tide) , 2-4 feet on the north (any tide).


Heavy rain will return in the evening, after we have enjoyed another dry and windy day, rather like Thursday.
I haven’t mentioned temperatures yet. This day, just like all of them this week, will peak at 13-15C by day and only fall to about 10-12C by night.
The wind will be just as strong as on Thursday, perhaps a tad stronger actually, but it will veer to the SSW, making the east coast slightly less vulnerable on those big spring tides.

More BIG surf, the same kind of size as on Thursday. Tides will be about 9.7m high and 9.5m high at 7:20am and 7:40pm respectively; and roughly 1.4m low at 1:40pm


Sunshine, heavy showers and rainbows on both days. Winds mainly SW’ly force 6. Your most sheltered areas to enjoy a walk will be around Pleinmont or between Fermain and Town.
The surf will be cleanest in the north coast, where we can expect it to stay in the 2-5 foot range for the majority of the day, but occasionally bigger, when it hits the right spot on the right tide. Other than that, mid-tide Vazon should offer some pretty awesome 8-footers for those with plenty of expertise.


Thing look set to simmer down significantly, as we lose the showers, steadily increase the amount of sunshine, and (most significantly) the SW’ly winds get wound down to a moderate force 4.
Two great days for catching up on some outdoor activity like cycling, if perhaps this has gone amiss in the recent strong winds.
Temperatures probably a degree cooler by day than of late, and about three degrees cooler by night.

My next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.