7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 14/02/2018

Thanks to Trevor Mahy for this beautifully appropriate piccy from Portinfer.


Tuesday’s clear skies will have hazed away overnight, with the arrival of high cloud. By the time that most people are heading out of their houses, the wind will be really strong and the cloud will have thickened and lowered enough to be very grey. Then, by mid-morning, the rain will have arrived, which will persist with varying intensity until Thursday morning.

The evening will probably be the murkiest period, when drizzle will be thickest and hill-fog most prolific.

Striking more positive notes; firstly it will become much milder than of late and secondly the west-coast surf will be beautifully clean. Breakfast time should offer 5-6 feet waves, then from mid-afternoon until sunset the waves should be about 4 feet.

Winds: Strong force 6 to gale foce 8 SSE’ly, with occasional gusts of 40-45mph. Easing towards evening and then overnight, to force 4-5 WSW’ly.

Temperatures: 5-6C at dawn, increasing very slowly through the day, then more rapidly through the evening, peaking at 11C around midnight.

Tides: Low of 2.3m at 12:10pm, high of 8.3m at 6pm.


With winds flipped to a slightly cooler WNW’ly, temperatures will fall away slowly, but this will be balanced out by mostly dry weather and bright or sunny skies.

Unfortunately for surfers, the exciting new 8-10 feet swell will be rather messed up by the new wind direction. However, there is a slim chance that winds will fall light enough towards sunset, to offer something pretty special at Vazon.

Winds: Force 5 WNW’ly through most of the day, easing to force 3-4 by sunset, then falling light and variable overnight.

Temperatures: 10C at dawn, dropping very slowly to about 8C by sunset, then down to 3 or 4C during the night (with a patchy ground-frost likely at dawn).

Tides: Low of 1.8m at 12:40pm, highs of 8.7m at 6:20am and 8.5m at 6:40pm.


Total dryness on this day, and constant hazy sunshine. The breeze will be light and offshore on the west coast, meaning that it could be an absolute classic day for surfers, providing we get the waves. Current expectation are for a powerful 5-8 feet swell, so it’s probably a good idea to start clearing your diaries now.

Winds: Force 2-3 SSE’ly by day, veering to a similarly gentle W’ly overnight.

Temperatures: 3 or 4C at dawn, increasing to 9C at lunchtime, then falling back to 3 or 4C overnight (with a patchy ground-frost likely again).

Tides: Low of 1.5m at 1:20pm, highs of 8.9m at 7am and 8.7m at 7:20pm.


Super sunny on both days and fantastically starry by night. The wind will have veered to a cool NW’ly. However, it will only be about force 3-4, so it won’t be nearly as biting as it has been. That said, the south coast will feel the warmest by far. What’s more, spring tides will expose a good amount of sand to go and stomp around on, at such beautiful bays as Jaonnet and Moulin Huet.


Conditions will only be slightly more cloudy than during the glorious weekend. Other than that, the only difference appears to be a slight wind-veer, to a moderate NE’ly on Monday and then an E’ly on Tuesday. The main effect of this will be that Town and the rest of the east coast, will feel a bit more chilly.

Just as at the weekend, ground-frosts will be possible around dawn, but they will only be widespread if the winds fall very light.

The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.