7-day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 16/05/2018

Thanks to Jane Romanillos for sharing this dreamy shot on Facebook, back on that BH weekend.


A cloudier day than the previous few, particularly during the morning and evening. The afternoon should have some lengthy spells of hazy sunshine though, and the warmest places to enjoy those will be on the south coast beaches (Particularly Petit Port and Jaonnet Bay).

Winds: Force 4 NNE’ly, veering force 5 NE’ly.

Temperatures: Max generally 14-15C, but 16C in the warmest spots. Min 11C.

Tides: Highs of 9.2m at 8am and 9.3m at 8:20pm. Low of 0.8m at 2:20pm.


Cloud, gradually thinning through the morning, to become super sunny again for the majority of the day. The breeze will moderate the temperature quite heavily in most places though. So, once again, to feel really toasty, head to the most sheltered beaches. On this day, these will not only include Petit Port and Jaonnet Bay, but also the northern ends of west-coast bays; such as near Fort Hommet and Fort Grande Rocque.

Winds: Force 4-5 ENE’ly.

Temperatures: Max generally 14-15C, but 16C in the warmest spots. Min 9-10C.

Tides: Highs of 9.4m at 8:40am and 9.5m at 9pm. Low of 0.9m at 3pm.


Another bone-dry and sunny day, with precisely the same beaches recommended for maximum warmth. Skies perhaps more hazy than the previous day, but temperatures and UV index just as high.

Winds: Force 3-4 ENE’ly.

Temperatures: Max generally 15-16C, but 17Cin the warmest spots. Min 9-10C.

Tides: Highs of 9.2m at 9:30am and 9:40pm. Low of 1m at 3:40pm.


My previous forecast for rain on Sunday has now changed to prolonged dryness (much to the delight of BBQ-goers but not so great for thirsty gardens).

The wind should just be a gentle E’ly, so max temperatures should increase by at least a degree per day. West-coast beaches in particular, should really be in their prime. On the water, it’s going to be more of a swimmer’s delight than a surfer’s. Wave-lovers will probably have to wait until Monday to find a little bit of action.


This might just be a shifting goal-post, but models are once again predicting the return of rain around day 7 of the forecast period. If this proves to be a good prediction, then we are probably talking about a very warm Monday (with the breeze veering to a muggy SE’ly), followed by showery Tuesday (possibly even thundery).


The next forecast update will be on Thursday evening.