The education system in Guernsey has a good reputation with many schools dating back over a century as well as the availability of top-class private education at three private colleges – Elizabeth College (including Acorn House and Beechwood), The Ladies’ College (including Melrose) and Blanchelande College.

Primary School System

By law in Guernsey all children who reach the age of 5 before 1st September must attend school at the start of that academic year (September). Primary school attendance is decided by the place of residence of the child, in other words the catchment area of each school. However, that is not set in stone as catchment areas change and prospective students may be directed to other schools if student numbers reach maximum capacity in their catchment areas.

Children will stay in primary education until the age of 11, when they will move to secondary education following what is now called an 11+ exam (further details below).

There are 3 key stages children go through at primary school level – the Foundation Stage is for 3-5 year olds, Key Stage 1 is for 6-7 year olds and Key Stage 2  is for 7- 11 year olds.

For the most up-to-date information check the Department of Education website.

Primary Schools by Parish

St Peter Port

Amherst Primary School – tel: 01481 720989, email:
Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Primary School– tel:  01481 722412, email:
Vauvert Primary School – tel:  01481 720419, email:


Castel Primary School– tel: 01481 257368, email:
La Mare de Carteret Primary School  – tel: 01481 256521 , email:


Forest Primary School – tel: 01481 756014, email:

St Peter’s

La Houguette Primary School– tel: 01481 756020, email:

St Sampson’s

St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary School – tel: 01481 245020, email:
Hautes Capelles Primary School – tel: 01481 244279, email:

St Martin’s

St Martin’s Primary School  – tel: 01481 756060, email:


Vale Primary School  – tel: 01481 756034/756032, email:

St Andrew’s

Please note there is no longer a primary school in St Andrew’s, following its closure in 2015. Children living in the St Andrew’s parish go to various schools in nearby catchment areas.

Private Colleges

The Ladies’ College Lower School Melrose – tel: 01481 721602, email:
Elizabeth College Pre-school Acorn House  – tel: 01481 713862, email:
Elizabeth College Junior School Beechwood – tel: 01481 722123, email:
Blanchelande College – tel: 01481 237200, email:

Special needs education

Le Rondin School & Centre – tel: 01481 268300, email:

Other islands within the Bailiwick

Herm Primary School – tel: 01481 710962, email:
Sark School– tel: 01481 832601, email:
St Anne’s School – tel: 01481 822173, email:

Secondary School System

As children come to the end of their time at primary school, currently they take part in a selection process by sitting the 11+ exam. Pupils are assessed on their academic ability and aptitude, with those in the top 25% being given a place at the Grammar School or a scholarship place at one of the private colleges. The remaining 75% are accepted into one of the three state secondary schools, based on their catchment area. Most students will start secondary school aged 11 and will leave at 16.

However, pupils in year 6 in the academic year 2017-18 will be the last cohort to take the 11+ exam, as an all-ability system is to replace selection. In July 2017, the Education Department presented new proposals for Guernsey’s secondary education system which will see significant changes to the current model.

These proposals can be seen here

Here is a summary of the proposals:

  1. Secondary education will be provided in three schools (currently there are three secondary schools plus the Grammar School).
  2. In September 2019, La Mare de Carteret High and the Grammar School will merge to form a new school for pupils aged 11-16 with one senior leadership team.
  3. The new school building will open in September 2021 and the Sixth Form Centre, located at Les Varendes (next to the Grammar School), will operate on its current site until July 2024.
  4. All children at secondary school, up to and including those starting in September 2018, will remain at their allocated school until they complete year 11. This includes those selected for a place at the Grammar School and those selected as special place holders at the three private colleges.
  5. From September 2021 all pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 attending the merged school will move into the new secondary school building along with those in years 10 and 11 based at La Mare de Carteret. Years 10 and 11 based at Les Varendes will stay there until they complete their GCSEs.
  6. A Post-16 College will be created at Les Varendes. It will offer A levels, International Baccalaureate, BTEC and other vocational courses. The College of Further Education will become a Training College, an employment-focused training provider based at Les Ozouets campus.


Secondary schools in the Bailiwick


Grammar School & Sixth Form Centre – tel: 01481 256571, email:
La Mare de Carteret High School – tel:01481 256588
Les Beaucamps High School – tel: 01481 756040, email:
St Sampson’s High School – tel:01481 244411, email:
Le Murier– tel: 01481 246660, email:
Les Voies School– tel: 01481 710721, email:
Elizabeth College – tel:01481 726544, email:
The Ladies’ College – tel: 01481 721602, email:
Blanchelande College– tel: 01481 237200, email:


St Anne’s School – tel: 01481 822173, email:

Specialist education

The Education Department maintains three special schools for those pupils who require more specialist provision. They also operate two specialist bases within one of the primary schools and two of the secondary schools supporting children and young people with communication difficulties and/or autism.

Le Murier is a secondary school for pupils age 11 to 16 with special educational needs, however some students will continue to attend the school until they are 19.

Les Voies accepts children from the age of 4 to 16 who experience social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Le Rondin School & Centre caters for primary aged pupils with a range of special education needs. Le Rondin also provides an office base for the peripatetic education support services who mainly work with pupils in mainstream schools. Therapy rooms for occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists from the Health & Social Services Department are located on the first floor of the building.