Islandmums family club membership
Islandmums 2019

Islandmums Family Club membership 2019

It takes an island to raise a child

It takes an island to raise a child and you need everything from kids activity providers and restaurants to home improvements and retailers. We’ve brought together family-friendly local businesses that can make your life just that little bit better and negotiated fantastic discounts with them.

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Family Club is designed by mums for mums

Islandmums has been set-up 10 years ago by local mums and is run by mums who live and breath family life in Guernsey. We are just like you, facing the daily joy, stress and grind of family life with children.



Islandmums by mums and for mums
Islandmums 2019
  • Make your family budget last that bit longer
  • Discover new places to go to
  • Access member-only exclusive events and promotions
  • Spend locally, making each pound count more
  • Support and promote values that make local community, corporates and businesses more family-friendly and sustainable

Why become a member?

Our mission is to make family life better!

When you become a member, you join a community of over 1000 local households that benefit from numerous savings available to members, while supporting the Guernsey PLC and standing up for family-friendly values.

What’s included in the 2019 membership

  • Two Family Club cards (key fob and main card)
  • New! Voucher book (worth over £500 new savings)
  • Business directory

How does it work?

You can claim the exclusive Club benefits by:

  • Presenting one of your Family Club cards at the till of participating retailers
  • Showing one of the new vouchers and the Club card
  • Using promo codes provided for purchases with online retailers
  • Providing your unique membership details and number at the time of making an online appointment
  • Receiving special promotions and invitation to events via email with special booking links

Islandmums 2019Family Club membership benefits

Participating businesses

Islandmums businesses

A fantastic selection of loved local businesses has agreed to participate in the 2019 Family Club scheme.

More than 25 of these businesses are new in the 2018-19 season.

Our small team works tirelessly to continue bringing new offers and exclusive benefits to the Club so your membership benefits will continue growing during year after you sign-up.

Islandmums 10 years

Our 10 year anniversary!

2019 marks a special anniversary of Islandmums that started as a kitchen-table project by mums Milly, Jane and Sarah. We are planning lots of additional events and promotions during the year for you to enjoy as part of the 2019 membership.

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Recurring membership service

Back by popular demand! We are introducing again our recurring subscription service that ensures your membership is renewed automatically before the new year.

Benefits of this subscription are:
  1. Fixed membership price of £40 for future years
  2. Lower fee than paying a one-off membership price in 2019 (£40 instead of £44)
  3. Automatic renewal in November of each year, avoiding the hassle to remember to renew and fill new forms
  4. Priority dispatch – your membership packs will arrive before New Year’s eve each year
  5. Cancel anytime, no commitment
  6. Refund within two weeks of automatic renewal in case you change your mind

You can sign-up for the recurring membership anytime during 2019. Your 2019 fee as part of the recurring subscription will be based on when you have signed up during the year: £40 if purchased between Jan – Mar, £30 if purchased between Apr- Jun, £20 if purchased between Jul – Sep, £10 if purchased between Oct – Dec 2019.



£40 when bought in Q1, £30 in Q2, £20 in Q3, £10 in Q4



Automatic renewal in November

No hassle, no new forms



Automatic renewal in November

No hassle, no new forms

And so on


Automatic renewal in November

No hassle, no new forms

2019 membership fee

If you prefer to pay-as-you-go for membership each year, the fee for the 2019 membership is based on the quarter during which you have purchased the membership. In Quarter 1 (January – March) you will pay £44. From April to June (Quarter 2) the fee reduces proportionally to £33 and so on.

Q1 2019 If purchased in Jan, Feb, Mar


Validity: Jan - Dec

Q2 2019 If purchased in Apr, May, Jun


Validity: Apr - Jun

Q3 2019 If purchased in Jul, Aug, Sep


Validity: Jul - Sep

Q4 2019 If purchased in Oct, Nov, Dec


Validity: Oct - Dec

Join our community on a mission to make Guernsey family life the best in the world!


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