A Perfect Gift

The Islandmums Family Card is an annual loyalty card that helps families save hundreds of pounds each year with over 150 offers in Guernsey, Jersey and Sark. It’s a perfect gift for a mother, grandmother, friend or a mum-to-be.

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family card gift

Key-fob, gift packaging and personalised note

For the first time the Islandmums Gift Card comes in gift packaging, personalised note and a key-fob size of the card as well as the original credit card size version.

“Islandmums is FANTASTIC and makes the perfect present” – Layla

“I think the card is absolutely brilliant ” – Steph

“The savings on the card help me to shop locally rather than buy online, keep up the good work Guernseymums” – Sarah

“In the short time I’ve had the card, I have most definitely saved 10 times the cost” – Layla

“Mine paid for itself within a few weeks” – Hannah