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By Jo Stoddart, Managing Director of Quintessential Relocation Consultants Channel Islands



If you are new to Guernsey or thinking about coming to live here and want to suss out what happens on the rock for families, is a great place to start looking!

Although geographically Guernsey is small, it punches well above its weight when it comes to being a vibrant place to live, with lots happening and plenty to do. Indeed the island’s compact size is a massive advantage when it comes to doing a wide range of activities and enjoying a great quality of life. The relatively close proximity of everything means that it’s quite possible to fit in several after-school activities every night – a contrast to life in and around big cities where parents often spend hours in traffic trying to get their little darlings to where they are supposed to be. It’s one of the many advantages of life in Guernsey!

Edible GUernsey

Whether your family is into football, cricket, cooking, music, drama, wind-surfing, sailing, painting or bird-watching, you will find opportunities here. There are lots of clubs and groups to join and plenty going on all year round. In the summer, life revolves around the beach and the sea. Whether you want to lie back and catch the sun, go crabbing in the rock pools or take a rib tour over to Herm to watch the puffins, there is something to suit everyone’s idea of fun. Many local families take their main vacations off island in the winter months in order to make sure they are at home to make the most of everything the island has to offer during the summer, but there again walking along the beach on a winter’s day is invigorating and the dogs love it too!

At QRC we meet lots of people who are considering a move to the island or have just made that move. It’s a source of great pleasure to see people arrive not knowing quite what to expect and being amazed by all that such a small island has to offer. Ok, so we don’t have a shopping mall as such but the town of St Peter Port boasts lots of quirky boutiques as well as a range of high street chain stores and with the Islandmums discount card there are lots of interesting savings to be made on shopping, restaurants and activities for children so it’s a good investment!

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But shopping isn’t everything. You can’t put a price on safety and security especially when you have a young family, and Guernsey is THE ideal place to bring up children. There is no real need for security systems, burglar alarms or other such trappings of life in other places – in Guernsey people frequently leave their doors and cars unlocked; if things are lost, some public-spirited person will invariably hand it in to the police station; you can leave your child unattended for 5 minutes to nip to the bathroom and there is a strong community spirit which is hard to describe. The island is clean and safe, education is excellent and of course the whole notion of commuting or being stuck in traffic is just unheard of. The island is a dynamic place to do business but people love the idea of leaving work and being on the beach with the family 20 minutes later. I have lost count of the number of families we have relocated who were not sure whether they would like island life and who have been total converts, even opting to find another job and stay here when their job had ended because the family were so happy! That tells you all you need to know really….

As for us, helping people to understand the quirks of island life and to know what to expect when they come to live here is all in a day’s work. Whether you need help to find a home or advice about anything to do with life in Guernsey, we’re the people to talk to. To find out more about what Relocation is really all about and how QRC can help you, have a look here. Alternatively give us a call on +44 (0)1481 257200 or email us

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We’re really excited about our partnership with and look forward to sharing information with you about life in Guernsey so that you can settle in quickly and enjoy all that the island has to offer. Make sure you don’t miss any fun by regularly checking out Islandmums “What’s On” Guides!

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