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By Jo Stoddart, Managing Director Quintessential Relocations Consultants Channel Islands


Relocation – we’ve probably all watched the TV programmes but what’s it really about? We can all search for properties on the internet and book the removals lorry so why bother with a relocation company?

You’ve probably told yourself that “it’s a small Island you couldn’t possibly get lost, everywhere is close by, it will be easy to find the nearest shops so property location isn’t an issue…..” Not so. Island life is different, what else can I say. It’s not City life, it’s not rural, it’s not like living in a village and it’s not all close by. Guernsey offers it all but in a “different” way.

There’s a wonderful mix of properties quite literally in the mix with very little separation between areas and property values. Bizarrely your neighbouring properties could be worth £1.5 million on one side and £350,000 on the other. And don’t forget you need to negotiate your way between knowing what “Open” and “Local” property market is all about.

If you are moving from abroad, you need to pack and move belongings; maybe you’re renting your home out, you need a lease, a letting agent and now you have an endless list of viewings.

You need to sort out the utilities, tax and national insurance, book your travel and for heaven’s sake don’t forget those precious pets, your children will never forgive you if your beloved pooch is stressed. Seems you have enough to take care of at home so let us take care of your new home for you.

You want your little ones to have the best experiences so your new home needs to be in the right location for the right schools, playgroups and activities for your family.

A tiny English-speaking island but it has its own language quirks, driving regulations (the filter) and local road and family names derived from Guernesais that you actually pronounce in an English and not a French accent!

Here’s a tasty little teaser about local language quirks, see how many you can answer:

  1. What are Ruettes Tranquilles?
  2. What do you think an Ormer is?
  3. What would you do with a Wrap?
  4. How does Santa Claus arrive to switch on the Christmas lights!
  5. What is Vraic and what would you do with it?


  1. A series of pretty little lanes where horse-riders, cyclists and pedestrians have priority over cars and the maximum speed limit is 15mph!
  2. A much prized shellfish harvested only under a full and new moon on certain dates
  3. Wear it of course! It is an all-in-one beach towel used for changing on public beaches
  4. In a Lifeboat how else would those Reindeer keep their hooves dry!
  5. Local seaweed used in some yummy local dishes and there’s over 130 varieties!

So hopefully, we’ve convinced you that having a look at relocations expert may be a good idea.

So how can Quintessential Relocations help you? Where shall I start – well what’s important to you is important to us. We tailor our service to meet your needs; no two moves are the same and nor should they be. Relocating should be an experience, not a stressful nightmare that leaves you fraught.

We’re a friendly bunch and are here to help and guide you on your journey. Give us a call and we can talk through the type of services which might suit you – and there’s no obligation.

Our little team is made up of those who have experienced relocating to Guernsey first hand (so they know how it feels) and some fully fledged locals who are exactly that – ask them a question and if they don’t know the answer (hmm doesn’t happen often) they definitely know the person who does!

Together we love Guernsey, we love helping people and we absolutely love showing how brilliant Island life can be.

It’s good to know what others have experienced – so here’s a link to what some of our clients think about us

We usually start with a Skype call so we can “meet” you and your family. Tell us about your family and we’ll point you in the direction that’s best for you.

Our guidance is totally independent, we never compromise the information we give you; discounts offered by local providers are for you, not us.

We can organise an orientation tour either before your move or when you arrive and we’ll provide easy to read information that covers it all from the nearest butcher to the loveliest of walks.

We search the local Agent listings and have direct access to private Landlord portfolios. It’s not just a property with the right number of rooms – it will be your home and it needs to be in that all important “right location” for your desired lifestyle.

We can help you with all of the above and much more, not to mention the dull stuff like housing licences, right to work documents, driving licences, registering with medical practitioners, connecting the phone and explaining generally how things work in Guernsey.


Look forward to hear from you – +44 (0)1481 257200 or email