Retreat to Sark

We believe that Sark is one of the most magical places in the world and one of the safest places to take your children. Crime is virtually non-existent and the lack of cars means you don’t have to worry about your kids being run-over (or struggle to get them into car seats!). The slow pace of life helps you properly unwind.

It’s an out-door place, where children can explore rock pools and jump off the sea-wall, with high chances of breath-taking star gazing come nightfall as the island is accredited with being the world’s first Dark Sky Island

It’s a great and relatively inexpensive place to take a short break this summer, made even less expensive by a number of offers Islandmums has negotiated for you. Firstly, the travel with Isle of Sark Shipping – kids travel for £2 (saving a whopping £11.60) per child during the weekdays and on Sunday kids travel for £2, adults save 10%. We also have offers on cafes, bike hire, B&Bs, ice-creams, Sark museum, bars and Adventure Sark! (Check out our Sark page for the full information).

You can choose from a range of hotels, camping and self-catering with the option of arranging for food to be at your accommodation on arrival and even daily picnic hampers to make it really convenient.

If you’re thinking of heading across for a few days this summer, we’ve compiled some ideas of activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Creux Harbour

The first potential attraction presents itself as soon as you arrive by ferry – the old walled-in Creux Harbour. Local Sark children can often be found jumping off the wall into the sea and there is a small shingle beach round the back. The Harbour Café sells home-made quiche, pasties, crab cakes, cakes, ice-cream and other local delicacies together with small fishing nets and other bits and bobs. There is a toilet block with showers to rinse off sandy, salty children if need be. You can then time your excursion to catch the Toast Rack up the hill and onwards – perfect for those with buggies.

Stocks Hotel

Spend a day Riding and Dining with Stocks Hotel. As Islandmums members you get a special offer of a private family horse and carriage ride followed by lunch at Stocks Hotel. The children can splash about in the swimming pool afterwards while you chill or take the plunge yourself.



Treasure Hunts, Wildlife Guides and Historical Info

The Visitor Centre has different information leaflets for sale as well as free treasure hunts that can be great fun for children. It is open from 9.30-3.30 Monday to Saturday and 11-3.30 on Sundays and can be found at the end of the Avenue (the main shopping centre road).

The Treasure Hunt takes them around the island to find cannons and dragons and other points of interest. This is probably suited for children over 8 as there is a bit of walking involved.

Wildlife Guides (£1) – There are various guides that shows all the different sea and bird life around Sark and kids can have fun ticking off what they spot throughout the holiday.

Historical Landmarks  – There are a number of booklets starting at £1. They include bite-size easily digested information about different landmarks around Sark. For example, the cannon was presented by Elizabeth 1 to the very first Seigneur of Sark, Hellier De Carteret, reminding him to perform his duty to protect the island for the British Crown.

George’s Boat

Local boat operator George Guille takes families out around the island on a boat trip to spot different birds, sealife and caves. It’s not unusual to see puffins, dolphins and seals around the coast also. George is a fount of information; having been born and bred on Sark, he knows the waters, caves and rocks like the back of his hand.  The boat ride takes approximately 2.5 hours. Email for more information.

Eperquerie rock pool

At the north of Sark, next to the Eperquerie Landing, there is a rock pool that is known and loved by local children. It was a natural structure that has been purposefully built up to capture the sea water and all of the marine life with it as the tide falls away. It’s not too tricky to get to – buggies may struggle a bit, probably better to bring some kind of sling or backpack to carry very small people.

Venus Pool

Across la Coupe in Little Sark lies a natural rock pool that can be found at low tide. Hunting for this special pool can be great fun and a dip is refreshing!  Dry off on the flat rocks or enjoy your picnic at this picturesque spot.



The Beaches

Sark has a number of beaches dotted along the coast including Dixcart (the easiest to get to), Grand Greve and Derrible (the latter only accessible at low tide). There are a lot of rock pools to clamber along, BBQs to be had and Frisbee to be played.




Check out this map with blue markers showing all the points we’ve mentioned above and for more information about staying in Sark, click here. We hope you and your family have an absolutely wonderful time.








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