This workshop series has now finished.

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Custom made for Guernsey!

Small Business Essentials is a workshop series aimed at exploring the absolute fundamentals you need to know to start a new business in Guernsey.

Record number of businesses will be opened this year in the UK according to Startup Britain. Is Guernsey following a similar trajectory? Read more on our thoughts on the Future of Work Trends here >>

Are you contemplating starting your own business or side-project? Have you started already but could really do with some advice? Are you a business owner but the business is not inspiring you, not making enough money or both and you need to course-correct?


Wednesday Nov 18th

11:45 – 14:15

Reading Room, Les Cotils

Motivations for starting, fit between you and idea(s), revenue projections and pricing strategies, business model testing, business model fit, startup cost optimisation, taking the leap forward.


Wednesday Dec 9th


Hirzel House, Smith Street

Building your customer profile and niche, demystifying marketing and PR, targeted ways to reach customers through cost-effective digital marketing – email and content marketing, social media, PR, merchandising and others.


 Wednesday Jan 20th


Digital Greenhouse

Modern, non-techie, cloud and mobile-based technologies to run and grow your business at a fraction of the cost – email and data storage, website, payments, banking, graphic design. Data protection. Local IT support.


Wednesday Feb 17th


Digital Greenhouse

What you cannot do without, no matter how boring! Legal entity options (company v sole-trader set-up), legal documents, incorporation, accounting, tax, social security, company secretarial, insurance, regulation.

This workshop series is for you, if:

  1. You are thinking about starting a business or side-project but don’t really know how to get started and all the steps required.
  2. You have an idea but want to test whether it’s a good one and learn how to best start it.
  3. You run a business, hobby or project but it’s not going as planned and you want to learn tools and get advice for how to course-correct it.
  4. You are seeking more flexibility in your career and life (for example as a parent) and want to learn how to run a location-independent, digitally-enabled business or side-project.
  5. You are looking to develop a portfolio career and get involved with a variety of businesses or projects.


Chief Mummy Officer, NED, Ex-Google, L’Oréal, MBA INSEAD

The workshop series is run by Sasha Kazantseva, owner and Chief Mummy Officer of who has been turning around the business since January 2015.

Sasha, a mum of two, has worked for Google, and L’Oréal and has started a series of businesses  and communities and invested in half a dozen tech startups. She has direct experience in starting and growing small businesses in Guernsey having been involved with three local ventures. She has lived and worked in London, Moscow, Singapore, Bangkok and Ulaan Baatar and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

+ Local experts in the fields of accounting, company incorporation, IT, PR and others

See what people say about Sasha


Founder Dandelion Project, mischief-maker, life-enhancer.

Marc Winn Islandmums

“Sasha is one of the key players in the Guernsey startup community. In fact without her the startup community would not be anything like it is today. If you are wanting to create a thriving startup on this island then Sasha has to be one of the first people on your coffee list.”


CEO & co-founder, Jalipo

Alex Taylor cropped Islandmums

“Sasha is the prototype entrepreneur – smart, driven and brimming with ideas. What’s more she’s got the track record to prove it. Anyone running or planning a new business would benefit massively from her advice – I know I do.”


Founder and creative director Penelope Hope

Nadia circle Islandmums

“It was a pleasure to meet Sasha, a like-minded entrepreneurial woman who was full of enthusiasm and motivation and was also happy to give me wise advice. Sasha understands the pressures and responsibilities that come with setting up your own business but is also an advocate of the many benefits of braving it and doing it alone.”


Founder Spike Productions, EPIC Challenges

Warren circle Islandmums

“I have now worked with Sasha for several years on various projects including working with startup businesses. She is extremely forward-thinking and dynamic and looks at business opportunities in a very entrepreneurial manner. Sasha is a good listener and can provide sound, realistic business advice. I often seek and value her opinion when considering a new opportunity and would recommend others to do the same if they have the chance.”


Business Writer and Motoring Editor at the Guernsey Press

Rosie circle Islandmums

“I heard about Sasha before I met her. From local entrepreneurs to colleagues in the media, they all said: ‘You must meet Sasha, she’s great.

Sparky and interested in just about any subject you care to name, Sasha is a nurturer of business ideas. She has been at the forefront of a range of projects and is generous with her time and her expertise. When I finally come up with an idea for my own business, Sasha will be my first port of call.”