Top 10 reasons why Guernsey is THE BEST place to raise a family

Guernsey is an incredibly good place to raise a family. This is an undisputed fact. We’ve come up with 10 things that we love about our little island that (in our minds) prove that Guernsey is simply the best.

1) The close-knit community means that it is one of the safest places in the world, where people still leave their doors unlocked when they pop out to the shops. You don’t have to worry as much about crime or the safety of your kids as they become teenagers.

2) The size of the island, only 65 square km, means that nothing is ever too far away so it’s possible to fit in a pre-work gym session, a dog walk on the beach and any number of children’s activities all in one day. And for such a small island, there really is plenty to choose from in any given area of interest.

3) The natural beauty. Whether it’s the south coast cliffs, the plains of the north or the bucolic farming scenes Guernsey is absolutely stunning. Breath-takingly beautiful sights are everywhere.

4) Guernsey punches well above its weight in the sports world with opportunities to train at high levels. The island has produced pro footballer Matt Le Tissier, tennis player Heather Watson and formula 1 racing driver Andy Priaulx. With a community centre in every parish, an athletics club, cricket centre, and a few leisure centres to choose from, you and your children have the ability to try yoga, scuba diving, amateur theatrics and so much more.

5) The commute. Did I mention the stunning beauty? Well the streets are kept clean too, so driving to work is very pretty and also very short.

6) There is a real sense of community here. Forget 6 degrees of separation, in Guernsey there’s only one. Head to the local park and you are sure to bump into a friend or an acquaintance and if you want to suggest improvements to the way the island functions, you can go straight to the top and have a cup of tea with one of the States Deputies.

7) The States primary education system is exceptionally good. The free education is of a very high quality, or if you’d rather then there are a number of private schools as well.

8) There are a large number of family friendly events (link to what’s on) throughout the year. Whether it’s a health and well being show, sheep racing in Sark, TED Talks or summer fetes, there will be something to tickle your fancy.

9) Guernsey is so close to the UK, so when you want to have an adventure or a cultural trip, it’s only 40 minutes on the plane to Gatwick.  Then returning home to the familiarity of Guernsey airport is a lovely cosy feeling.

10) You actually get to spend time with your kids. London lifestyle means working long hours with long commutes, but in Guernsey the distances are short and there is more of a family friendly culture, where people understand that being present in your children’s life is important.

We heart you Guernsey. Thank you for looking after us and our children and making their start in life the best